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Connect 2023 Highlights

Did you miss last year's Connect? Or would you like to re-visit some of the highlights? Watch the most important Main Stage sessions here.

Strategy and Thought Leadership

Our Story
At Stibo Systems, our story is about building a better place through robust partnerships, a culture of innovation, and a focus on ESG and sustainability. Watch the video to learn more.
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Better Data. Better Business. Better World.
Stibo Systems is taking a bold stance on sustainability and is committed to meeting or exceeding regulatory goals. In this video, CEO, Adrian Carr, discusses the three dimensions of sustainability and how they are connected.
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Value Creation with Master Data Management
The value of data lies in the use cases it enables. Gustavo Amorim, CMO at Stibo Systems, explains how the Multidomain MDM core reinforces the data supply chain through Acquire-Manage-Share processes.
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AI - Beyond the Fog of Hype and Hysteria
In this keynote, Elin Hauge, a leading expert in artificial intelligence (AI), discusses the current state of AI and how businesses can use it to their advantage.
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Innovation and Technology

Our Culture of Innovation
Adrian Carr, CEO, explains the four key areas of Stibo Systems' innovation strategy: Cloud, AI, multidomain and data-centric experiences.
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Increase Conversions with Enhanced Content
Neda Nia, CPO, explains the benefits of showing enhanced content on the digital shelf and how it provides context for decision-making.
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Live Demo: Product Experience Management (PXM)
Product Director, Søren Lundtoft, demonstrates how to use templates with built-in generative AI and digital asset mapping to create, syndicate, and share rich product content.
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Cross-Functional Data, the Power of Multidomain MDM
CPO, Neda Nia, explains the importance of cross-functional (multidomain) data and how it can be used to drive innovation and AI adoption.
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Live Demo: Multidomain Master Data Management
Tom Grosch showcases Stibo Systems' Multidomain Master Data Management solution, focusing on onboarding products and suppliers in retail.
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Managing Sustainability Data
How to manage sustainability data? Neda Nia, CPO at Stibo Systems, emphasizes that companies need to act now, and outlines the three steps they need to take.
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Live Demo: Sustainability Data Management
Josh Derrett shows how master data management can help businesses manage compliance and sustainability data using Sustainability Data Cards (SDCs), as well as how to identify and address sustainability gaps.
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Partnerships and Customers

Shaping the Future with Microsoft
Microsoft's General Manager and CEO in Denmark and Iceland, Mette Kaagaard, and Stibo Systems’ CEO, Adrian Carr, discuss the importance of cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and sustainability in the future of business.
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Fireside Chat with BSH
Ulrich Lutz, Vice President of Data Management and MDM Program Manager at BSH, shares his experience with master data management and the challenges of implementing MDM in a large, complex organization.
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