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Power Your AI with Better Data

Get trustworthy insights and results by fueling your AI with high-quality, accurate data.

Fuel your AI models with high-quality data

Better data delivers better AI results. It’s really that simple. To get the most value out of your AI models, you need to ensure the quality, integrity, security and compliance of the data that’s being used in your AI applications. And that’s where integrating master data into your AI applications, including Generative AI, can help.

By using master data as the single source of truth for your products, customers, suppliers and locations, you’ll have a high-quality data foundation to fuel your AI projects. This increases the likelihood that the outputs from AI adhere to established governance protocols such as review workflows, data approvals, data completeness scores and more.


Why managing your master data makes your AI models better

Data quality and consistency
Data integration and accessibility
Data governance and compliance
Contextual understanding
Data preparation and feature engineering
Continuous improvement

Why Stibo Systems Master Data Management for AI

Single source of truth Single source of truth
Using Stibo Systems MDM platform, you ensure your prompt engineering is based on high-quality, trustworthy data. The MDM platform’s core capabilities allow for careful governance of AI predictions and Generative AI output including workflows for clerical review, revision and approval.
Flexible prompt engineering Flexible prompt engineering
Leverage free-text prompt instruction, multiple selectable attributes as prompt input data and as focus data, parameters and selectable output attributes. The prompts in the Stibo Systems MDM platform can be reused and applied to multiple objects and an object in the platform can include multiple prompts.
Core integration capabilities Core integration capabilities
Integration of Stibo Systems MDM platform with AI APIs is based on core gateway integration endpoints and business rules capabilities, giving you flexibility to choose the AI services that work best for your business.


Let's talk about how master data management can bring data transparency to your business with an easy and scalable solution.