Driving Your Digital Transformation Journey with MDM

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DATE Thursday, August 19, 2021 |  TIME 12:00 EST |  DURATION 30 minutes

Mark your calendar for our next Reconnect webinar series. The webinars highlight winning strategies from our customers, best practices and popular topics from Connect, our global customer conference – all designed to ensure you’re set up for success in 2021 and beyond.

  • August 19 – Driving Your Digital Transformation Journey with MDM, featuring Ferguson Enterprises
  • October 21 – Delivering Superior Product Data and Enabling Cross Channel Visibility, featuring Alcon
  • February 24 – Managing E-commerce Success During Disruptions with MDM, featuring a panel discussion with distribution companies
  • April 28 – Handling Shifting Needs and Pivoting Business Priorities, featuring a panel discussion with manufacturing and retail companies

ReConnect in August

Our next ReConnect webinar details the digital transformation journey of Ferguson Enterprises, the largest U.S. distributor of plumbing supplies, PVF, waterworks and fire and fabrication products.

Join us on August 19th at 12 PM for the Driving Your Digital Transformation Journey with MDM webinar to hear Kelly Amavisca, Enterprise Product Data Director, share insights from Ferguson’s journey, as well as recommendations for those taking on a new digital transformation project. During the webinar, you’ll learn how Ferguson:

  • Transformed its data model to support its extensive product catalog
  • Improved its processing time by optimizing its workflows
  • Enhanced its digital asset management processes
  • Used machine learning to increase standardization, accuracy and productivity

Don’t miss this chance to discover how Product MDM can help improve your digital transformation efforts.

This event will be hosted by our North America region at 12:00 (EST).


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