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Embedded Analytics Platform for MDM Solutions

Transform data into business value through actionable insights.

Explore complex relationships among disparate data sources to drive insight, performance and growth.

Stibo Systems’ multidomain approach to master data management gives organizations across a range of industries the ability to leverage analytics from multiple applications, systems and domains to drive innovation and insights.

With our Embedded Analytics Platform (EAP) leaders can take that advantage to another level.

EAP enables Product MDM, Customer MDM and Product Lifecycle Management users to make data actionable, respond quickly to market trends and improve collaboration through fast, unique insights.

EAP is a fully-integrated business intelligence engine that allows you to analyze and blend master data with other data sources to achieve deeper insights into business operations.

Merge and blend data across domains and/or from sales, inventory, click streams, IoT and social media, or leverage EAP to extract insight and value from your Digital Business Hub. You can also use it to create targeted initiatives towards improved customer experience and increased operational efficiencies.

By setting new standards for usability, EAP improves decision making across the organization. It democratizes data analysis by opening up the power of advanced analytics to anyone and everyone that needs it.

From insight to action: Embedded Analytics enables you to maximize the value of your data.

Deeper insights with embedded analytics platform Deeper insights

Blending different types of data provides new insights into how to reap operational efficiencies and new business opportunities.

Powerful BI engine with embedded analytics Powerful BI engine

EAP is built on a trusted analytics engine with the performance and features expected from a leading BI solution.

Quick time-to-value with embedded analytics Quick time-to-value

Predefined dashboards ensure quick results and time-to-value. Or build your own dashboards or widgets with intuitive visual design tools.

Empower everyone with embedded analytics platform Empower everyone

Allowing users to build and customize their own dashboards democratizes data analysis and motivates users to act on insights.

Improve performance with embedded analytics Improve performance

Seamless integration into the MDM solution’s interface provides data analytics and data modelling in one integrated user experience.

Single vendor embedded analytics platform Single vendor

Stibo Systems is your single point of contact for licensing, installation and support providing an end-to-end analytics solution.

NEW INSIGHTS Make targeted corrective measures and enhancements such as:
  • Visualize, monitor, and analyze business processes and workflows to spot and correct bottlenecks and compare trends over time
  • Track vendor performance in terms of data quality, cycle times and activity
  • Discover sales and returns by channel and product category over time
  • Gain insights into next season’s sales by combining location, demographic and social data
NEW FEATURE Flyout panel brings content and analytics together in one screen

EAP’s new flyout panel enables users to view contextualized analytics and content in a single interface, making it easy to deliver productivity enhancing functionality. For example, data enrichment teams can access product copy and completeness/ratings analytics at the same time to improve performance, while product managers can view sales data and quality metrics simultaneously.


Empower everyone to drive agile insights, decisions and actions to set your company apart.

Enabling the availability and delivery of accurate, trusted information across the enterprise is just the start of how MDM drives enhanced value from critical data assets. The addition of EAP unlocks the value in that data and makes it available to users everywhere.

In addition to democratizing the power of analytic insight – opening it up to many who may not have had access to or skills to use BI previously – EAP empowers your IT, data science and analytics teams to implement advanced analytics that amplify the value of your organization’s most strategic data resources.

That makes EAP a win-win for everyone. As do evolving features and functionality including:

  • Programmable widgets, predefined dashboards and a new flyout pannel for quick time to value
  • Workflow performance dashboard to monitor and measure performance
  • Continuous monitoring of trends with automated alerts
  • Open plugin framework enhances data analysis and presentation
  • Seamless user experience with SSO for speed, simplicity and accessibility
  • Anomaly detection for decision making speed and efficiency
  • Built-in data security layer to support multiple roles, suppliers, groups and users
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