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Translation Service Connector - Trados

Manage the whole translation process without leaving the MDM platform, by sending content directly to any language service provider, in-house or external.
Translation Service Connector - Trados


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Stibo Systems

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You've got content to translate, and you want to do it directly and hassle-free from your PIM or master data platform. Stibo Systems’ MDM platform, STEP, allows you to connect to one of the world's most-used translation technology: Trados.

Trados is a next-generation translation platform that uses AI and other smart technologies to make localization processes more agile and secure. Businesses with global growth ambitions use Trados to streamline and automate their localization workflows, manage translation resources more effectively and securely, and improve brand consistency. Through Trados you can send content to any language service provider, in-house or external.

This Trados translation connector connects Stibo Systems’ MDM, containing all your product information, to your Trados solution to create a seamless end-to-end process for localization. Users of STEP can then easily push content to Trados and receive the localized content back once translated. You have visibility of the whole process and control over the elements you need, including cost approval and review.

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