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PMDM Product Data Syndication Outbound Adapter

Syndicate product data to retailers via predefined direct channels in Stibo Systems Product MDM.
PMDM Product Data Syndication Outbound Adapter


Domain data types supported


Third party license required


This solution enables manufacturers to syndicate product data in the MDM platform, STEP, to partners through:
- Predefined PDX direct channels for retailers like Amazon or data pools like 1Worldsync
- Vendor managed channels for manufacturer-configured excel templates
- Presentation in a searchable website for partners in a digital catalog.
These options depend upon separate manufacturer subscriptions to PDX channels. PDX product data exchange makes it easy to use mapping and transformation features to adapt to data standards. PDX uses seamless integration with Stibo Systems Product MDM (STEP) to access master data.

Note: Subscription to channels is a separate agreement.

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