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DemoUp Cliplister

Seamlessly connect STIBO STEP with DemoUp Cliplister's DAM + Media Delivery.
DemoUp Cliplister

Digital Asset Management

Connected system/application

DemoUp Cliplister DAM + Media Delivery


DemoUp Cliplister

Domain data types supported

Multidomain MDM



Third party license required


The DemoUp Cliplister external DAM adapter for Stibo Systems’ PIM allows users to search and browse and link assets in in real-time.

The connection between Stibo Systems’ PIM and DemoUp Cliplister enables users to:

  • Perform real-time searches of assets in DemoUp Cliplister to link to objects in PIM.

  • Browse through all the Cliplister DAM assets or specific collections or channels built in the DemoUp Cliplister DAM to find the desired asset while in Stibo Systems’ PIM.

  • Create asset references from the DemoUp Cliplister DAM to product information in Stibo Systems’ PIM.

  • Upload assets from your personal machine to the DemoUp Cliplister DAM which simultaneously creates an asset in Stibo Systems’ PIM that references the Cliplister asset.

  • View asset's metadata from DemoUp Cliplister



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