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Acrolinx Integration

Check and improve the quality of text-based content authored in the MDM user interface.
Acrolinx Integration

Data Enrichment

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Stibo Systems

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Integration with Acrolinx enables the Acrolinx sidebar in the Stibo Systems MDM user interface to guide and improve text-based values, such as content tone-of-voice, terminology, grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

The Acrolinx platform uses an advanced linguistic analysis engine that reads content and guides writers to improve. Through artificial intelligence technology, Acrolinx enables users to create accurate, consistent, and impactful copy.

The integration between Acrolinx and the Stibo Systems MDM platform, STEP, is achieved through the Acrolinx Sidebar, a product of Acrolinx that works with text fields in the STEP user interface and, with the click of a button, gives users guidance and feedback on their content.

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