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협업은 성공적인 MDM 구현을 위해 필수입니다. Stibo Systems 라이브 또는 온라인 미팅이나 이벤트는 이를 위한 훌륭한 출발점이 될 것입니다.
Sibo Systems 솔루션은 고객의 각기 다른 필요에 부합할 수 있도록 구축되었습니다. 라이브 및 디지털 이벤트와 업계 모임, 쇼, 컨퍼런스 참석 역시 마찬가지입니다. 각 이벤트는 고객과 파트너들에게 동료들과 네트워크를 형성하고 고객의 성공 사례를 공유하며, 기업들이 마스터 데이터 관리를 활용하여 성공적인 비즈니스 결과를 달성하고 디지털 전환에 활력을 가한 비결을 알아보는 기회를 마련합니다.

다음 고객 컨퍼런스: Connect 2019

Connect 2019는 새로운 것을 배우고, 동료들과 네트워킹하고 영감을 얻으며 MDM의 최신 트렌드를 알아볼 수 있는 특별한 기회를 제공합니다. Stibo Systems 전문가와 1:1로 만나고, 고객 주도 토론에 참여하며 MDM 분야 최고의 두뇌에게서 모범 사례를 배워볼 기회를 놓치지 마세요.

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Stibo Systems는 전 세계의 다양한 비공개 및 공개 행사를 주최하고 참여합니다. 이는 고객과 기타 비즈니스 및 IT 리더가 업계 전문가를 직접 만나 비즈니스 과제를 논의하며, 조직의 성공을 위해 마스터 데이터 관리가 어떻게 활용되는지 알아볼 기회를 제공합니다.

8월 27 LATAM Retailshow Brazil
Summary: The LATAM Retail Show expo is a platform to foster retail growth, remembering that the expo is free, so any businessman or retailer can have access to the 3-day event. If you have a large, medium or small business the LATAM Retail Show is the event for you.
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Event Conference
8월 28 topsoft Fachmesse 2019
Summary: Product information management (PIM) and Media Asset Management (MAM) are hot topics at the trade fair event, topsoft Fachmesse. Make sure to stop by booth E4 and come talk to subject matter experts from our partner ‘ForYourAndYourCustomer’ as well as Stibo Systems.
Location: Spreintenbach, Switzerland
Event Trade Show
9월 09 CDO Network UK
Summary: The most successful business transformation programs are delivered when a data driven culture is embedded into business strategy. The more data driven your business is, the higher your ROI and performance will be. At this year’s edition of the Chief Data Officer Network, we'll be helping some of the most innovative Data Officers in the UK develop strategies and build ideas for overcoming their most pressing challenges in order to reach the goals of the business.
Location: Egham, United Kingdom
Event Network
9월 10 Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2019
Summary: Stibo Systems is proud to sponsor the Gartner Data & Analytics Conference. An event where digital leaders join to drive innovation through leading technologies and ultimately build a world-class data and analytics strategy.
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Event Summit
9월 18 eCl@ss Congress 2019
Summary: Stibo Systems is proud to sponsor the 7th eCl@ss Congress. A master data management event where decision-makers from the industrial, trade and engineering sectors will hear about use cases and best-practice examples, from optimized purchasing processes to digital marketplaces and digital twinning.
Location: Cologne, Germany
Event Conference
9월 26 Data 2020 Summit 2019
Summary: Data 2020 Summit is a strategy roundtable event organised for professionals working with Information Management, Data Governance, Master Data Management, Data Quality, and Enterprise Architecture in the Nordics. With domestic and international speakers on stage, panels, roundtable discussions and plenty of learning and networking activities in the exhibition area, the 2019 summit is the place to be for all professionals and organisations working with managing data as a strategic asset in today’s digital economy and leaning towards Data- and AI-Driven Enterprise Future.
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Event Summit
10월 02 eCommerce Summit & Expo
Summary: ECSE eCommerce Summit & Expo has become a world class event where the main players of e-commerce present themselves to share experiences, trends and generate business relationships that strengthen the industry in Mexico.
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Event Summit
11월 05 Chief Data Officer Exchange Financial Services 2019
Summary: In its third year, the Chief Data Officer Exchange for Financial Services is an outstanding opportunity for you to learn lessons from the most successful financial institutions in the field. In just two days out of the office you’ll save months and potentially years of strategy heartache and turn your data function into a cost-saving business goldmine. You'll hear from financial leaders from across the UK and Europe divulging their winning strategies and the steps they have taken to address their data challenges.
Location: Middlesex, United Kingdom
Event Exchange
11월 19 Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2019
Summary: Stibo Systems is proud to sponsor the Gartner Data & Analytics Conference. An event where digital leaders join to drive innovation through leading technologies and ultimately build a world-class data and analytics strategy.
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Event Conference
11월 27 Dutch Data Forum
Summary: Data-driven work affects every organisation, fuelling the explosion of new innovations companies are developing to improve customer engagement and business outcomes. The potential is enormous, starting is difficult. And at the Dutch Data Forum, Stibo Systems will show you how to start and what to focus on when developing your own data strategy to ensure your business, and your customers, benefit.
Location: 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Event Congress
11월 28 MDM Conference Melbourne
Summary: We are delighted to announce we are coming to Melbourne for our annual MDM conference in Australia this year on November 28th. Network with peers, hear customer success stories, and learn how enterprise master data management drives successful business outcomes and energises digital transformation.
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Event Conference
3월 24 Chief Data Officer Exchange 2020
Summary: Meet us at the Chief Data Officer Exchange 2020 for innovative learning and networking opportunities that keep even the most senior business leaders engaged.
Location: Brentford, United Kingdom
Event Exchange
4월 23 The Industrial Data Summit
Summary: The Industrial Data Summit is the UK’s largest gathering of manufacturing data professionals – data-minded individuals from the UKs largest automotive, aerospace, defence, electronics, pharma, food and electronics manufacturers. Stibo Systems will be there to discuss how our experiences of delivering master data management solutions into manufacturing companies like Kelloggs, Fujitsu, Geberit, Sony, Siemens, Stahl and many others, are helping those data professionals achieve their goals.
Location: Nottingham, United Kingdom
Event Summit
5월 11 IRM Master Data Management Summit Europe
Summary: The IRM Master Data Management summit presents Chief Data Officers and Heads of Data with the opportunity to discover, and use, the latest data innovations that are fuelling business transformation and success. Stibo Systems will be there to discuss how, with the combined power of MDM and Data Governance, we can help you deliver positive business outcomes through trusted information.
Location: London, United Kingdom
Event Summit
더 자세히 알아보세요. 고객을 최우선으로 하는 Stibo Systems Stibo Systems는 MDM 솔루션 및 서비스 업계의 검증된 기록을 보유하며, 40년의 경험을 바탕으로 고객의 성공을 돕습니다. 고객의 비즈니스를 위한 Sisbo Systems의 다양한 서비스