YellowGround A specialist in master data and product information management providing a solid foundation for the optimization of business processes and data quality.
About YellowGround

We are Yellowground, an enthousiastic and very experienced team of people within the domain of Master Data Management, this is our solely focus. Our customers experience more efficiency through the optimization of the PIM or MDM strategy and the usage of the right tools, resulting in improved data quality. We focus on several domains like products, locations, customers, suppliers and assets like files, images, documents, etc.

With our years of experience, we not only have an excellent expertise in PIM and MDM processes, we've also build extensive knowledge of different sectors ranging from SME's, over mid-market to enterprise. That is why we are thé PIM and MDM experts within the BENELUX market.

Partnering with Stibo Systems

Yellowground has partnered with Stibo Systems on multiple occasions, resulting in succesful implementations of MDM software. Stibo Systems keeps a very good overview of the worldwide MDM market, detecting trends and keeping their platform state of the art.

Yellowground is the local partner for the BeNeLux that understands the needs of the clients in their home market and works with the client to integrate the software in the exisiting IT landscape. We have customers in different industries, but we have a strong focus on building & installation and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG).

To always be aware and on top of the latest developments we strive to partner with important players in those industries, like Ketenstandaard (ETIM) and datapool 2BA in building and construction and GS1 and PSinFoodservice in FMCG. Being part a large group, Xplore Group, enables us to also bring additional expertise to the table when needed.

YellowGround Value Proposition

We see PIM and MDM solutions as one of the basic software tools a company needs nowadays. The growth of online sales has accelerated this evolution. It's no accident that many companies see the MDM platform as important as their ERP, and with good reason.

At YellowGround we understand this very well. We support our clustomers from start to finish in this journey, and we will select the best approach for your specific situation. Count on us for a full 360° approach: from the start where we determine together the scope of the project, to the MDM architects who will pour this into a technical solution, over the professional consultants who will handle the work and our training centre to bring all you coworkers up to speed with the changes in the organization.