XTM International

XTM International is your ticket to going global quickly, efficiently and engagingly.
About XTM International

XTM International develops and sells XTM Cloud, the enterprise SaaS translation management system with an integrated computer aided translation tool. Cutting-edge AI automates processes our customers want to automate, integrating with industry-leading content management systems, source control systems, marketing automation platforms and machine translation systems.

We help you speak to the world.

XTM International is your ticket to going global quickly, efficiently and engagingly. Blue chip clients across sectors including software, retail, life sciences and gaming are joining with innovative, rapid-growth language service providers in relying on XTM Cloud to streamline their localization processes and supply chains.

XTM International
Partnering with Stibo Systems

XTM International is committed to transparent working practices, so what better partner to seek out than Stibo Systems, the global benchmark for data transparency? By partnering with Stibo Systems, we will build a bridge between an industry-leading master digital management platform and an equally strong digital localization hub. Together, we will work towards a solution that unlocks the power and value of data for users in any language. Together, we will help businesses break down communication barriers and forge closer bonds between multilingual data management teams.

XTM International Value Proposition

XTM Cloud, the agile digital localization hub, localizes unlimited content. With XTM Cloud, organizations can keep pace with the evolving demands of globalization, and stay streets ahead of their competitors. Go global at the speed of now.