Vertica is a dedicated e-commerce agency. We innovate and develop award-winning e-commerce solutions for B2B and B2C along with a line of very ambitious companies.
About Vertica

Vertica is a dedicated e-commerce agency that innovates and develops award-winning e-commerce solutions for B2B and B2C. We deliver highly complex business and IT projects to some of the largest and most ambitious companies in Denmark within e-commerce, digital business and PIM/MDM.

Our vision is to be at the forefront of e-commerce development and help our clients fulfil and surpass their digital business potential.

Vertica has offices in the cities of Copenhagen and Aarhus in Denmark. We employ strategic counsellors and structured project managers along with creative digital designers, skilled usability experts, certified developers and experienced integration- and PIM/MDM-consultants.

Partnering with Stibo Systems

Stibo Systems’ approach and market position match Vertica’s ambitious approach to e-commerce. That’s why we have developed a close, strategic partnership over the years; a partnership based on mutual trust and inspiration as well as ongoing dialogue about clients, their business needs and how these transforms into further development of the STEP platform.

Vertica Value Proposition

Vertica possess multidomain MDM expertise but specializes in PMDM and CMDM implementations and system integrations. We advise on - and implement - MDM solutions exclusively as well as part of 360° e-commerce projects. We are guided by four principles in everything we do:

Strong focus on business value; We focus on creating business value and will continuously challenge choices to maximize value.

Close and transparent cooperation; We encourage personal collaboration with close dialogue, directness and pragmatism, as it is an important foundation for success in any project.

Active user involvement; We always involve users in the process - both in relation to design, implementation and testing - to ensure the best possible user experience and adaptation.

Agility; We have an agile mindset, as we know that all projects spark new needs, demand changes or new priorities.