Redkite helps high-potential organisations achieve better, faster decision-making and accelerated performance
About Redkite

Redkite is your data change partner. We are on a mission to set the global standard for how businesses use data by making it clear, simple and human. At Redkite, we believe that data is the foundation of an intelligent business and so, we work in partnership with senior business leaders to unlock value from their data. We help high-potential organisations achieve better, faster decision-making and accelerated performance. Our work is end-to-end, covering full stack data expertise from strategy to design to build.

Partnering with Stibo Systems

As the preferred Data change partner for innovative and ambitious growth companies, FTSE 100 companies, and leading global brands, it is Redkite’s responsibility to ensure we are working with industry-leading tools and technologies.

By partnering with Stibo systems we can offer a diverse range of world-class Master Data Management products to our clients and provide the right solutions needed to achieve their strategic business outcomes.

Redkite Value Proposition

Redkite design and build data foundations for effective use to enable your strategic business objectives. Redkite is unmatched in the design, sourcing, procurement, ingestion, harmonisation, standardisation, modelling, governance and quality assurance of data, and the use of this to enable three core business outcomes of:

1) Better, faster, simpler decision-making
2) Individually personalised experiences for prospects and customers
3) More efficient, more effective operations