Micropole partners with its customers in the creation of high value-added projects by helping them in their transformation at organizational, functional and technical levels.

MICROPOLE is an international consulting and innovative technology group specializing in the fields of Data & Digital Experience. From its 16 agencies located in Europe and China, the 1200 #INNOVATIVE PEOPLE of the Group (consultants, data scientists, IT architects, business experts, engineers, UX designers...) partner their customers world-wide on all phases of their projects, from consulting to implementation, through to change management.

Our main services scope is:

  • Data governance and architecture
  • Digital experience
  • Data intelligence and performance
  • Security, cloud and data

Read the French Press Release about our joint customer, Galeries Lafayette.

Partnering with Stibo Systems

Based on years of partnership with Stibo Systems we are covering all the scope about an implementation project concerning PMDM and CMDM.

This strong relationship between our 20 Consultants team and experts at Stibo Systems allows to our customers to lead and deliver all implementation projects started.

Our business concerns and aims are innately shared at every levels of both organizations (from top mamangement to operational resources) that makes Micropole Consulting the EMEA Intagration Partner in 2019.

Micropole is a founding member of the Master Data Alliance in the field of STEP consulting and implementation. The Master Data Alliance is made up of msg (Germany), Nexer (Sweden), YellowGround (Belgium), Gelify (Italy) and Micropole (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain) in order to offer companies internationally competitive solutions combined with local market expertise.


Within the current context of economic slowdown and cycle acceleration, companies must constantly optimize their productivity and operational efficiency. Poor quality master data (customer, product, supplier, structure …), will have a direct impact on corporate competitiveness, efficiency and reactiveness.

The alignment of corporate architecture to the commercial strategy is a critical stake today for all companies. To be able to reflect the corporate strategy, the information system must be agile and structured. Rather than be a brake, it should be a vehicle for innovation, enabling benefits from Big Data stakes and Cloud approaches.