Cantor has been a Stibo partner since 2008. We have worked on 15 STEP projects. We support your teams from architecture to integration and custom development. 80% of our clients use our "Companion" software to accelerate their STEP implementation.
About Cantor

Cantor is a service IT company specialized in computer engineering since 1996.

Our mission is to engage with business and IT managers in their data and digital projects, from the choice of IT infrastructure to the development of robust, efficient and durable solutions.

Listening to your business challenges and with a strong internal R&D strategy, Cantor supports its customers and partners to meet the challenges in various areas of expertise such as Master Data Management, Enterprise Architecture, Strategic Business Application Development and IoT.

The Cantor methodology makes it possible to adapt to each type of project, whatever its size, while respecting costs and deadlines on a daily basis. This approach has won over more than twenty clients such as Sodexo, Lapeyre, Manutan, Engie, Legrand, …

Partnering with Stibo Systems

Expert in MDM / PIM since 2005, Cantor is ""enterprise partner"" of StiboSystems. Since 2008, we have supported more than 15 STEP clients in optimizing the quality of developments and accelerating the integration of data from their repository into their IS.

Cantor supports business and technical users of the STEP solution from IT infrastructure to customized development solutions and application management services (AMS).

With its internal R&D team, Cantor and StiboSystems bring a high level of technical expertise to their common customers.

Cantor is also working on technological solutions in close collaboration with other technical partners of STEP as Print solution of J2S.

Our partnership based on trust has led us to innovate and to develop a software suite dedicated to STEP, used by 80% of our clients to accelerate their STEP implementation.

Cantor Value Proposition

With Cantor, bring your strategic data to life at the core of your business and IS architecture.

Our expertise MDM / PIM since 2005:

  • MDM Business Unit with specialized team of engineers
  • StiboSystems partner since 2008 : 15 STEP projects
  • Technological partnership with other STEP partners & Print with J2S
  • Editor of Companion solution suite dedicated to STEP projects and adopted by more than 80% of our STEP’s customers

Our Areas of MDM / PIM Expertise:

  • Consulting and Project management
  • Customized Development solutions
  • Infrastructure Management
  • TMA/AMS Application Management Service
  • Software editor Companion suite