Data specialist with +150 dedicated consultants, we advise and carry out major projects for our customers in France and worldwide. Our experts work on MDM, PIM, Data Integration, Data Quality, Big Data, No SQL, RPA and Data Hub topics.

We ‘re ARHIS. We lead the most challenging Data projects across Europe: MDM, PIM, Data Platforms, Data Governance… Our experts bring you functional and technical expertise to turn your project into a useful tool that will meet the business needs.

Partnering with Stibo Systems

Arhis and Stibo Systems has a successful partnership based on confidence and mutual respect. Together, we enable customers willing to build a 360 vision of their Data to benefit from a seamless multidomain platform as well as the sharp & hands-on MDM expertise of Arhis experts.

Value Proposition ARHIS

Data Management is our passion: our experts guide you toward success!

Arhis is an international consulting company. Our universe is Data. More precisely, we are experts in Master Data Management: we have 17 years’ experience in implementing referentials of customers, products, assets, HR and finance data…for big companies in France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Spain.

Our 150 consultants have the best knowledge and hands-on experience to tackle any data project you would like to set up. Thanks to a very low turnover (less than 4%) our clients can benefit from previous project feedbacks in their sector. Some call us a Family... We like that!

Working with Arhis is the certainty that your project will be a success and that you will always have a solid team by your side.