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Sustainable Growth in CPG Companies​

Keys to CPG Growth: Digitalization and Sustainability
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A must-read for chief sustainability officers and ESG leaders in consumer goods manufacturing. Learn how to manage data to achieve sustainable growth and ESG goals and get practical use cases.

Key takeaways:

  • Consumer-packaged goods companies are realizing an immediate market need to accelerate sustainability strategies and achieve ESG goals.
  • CPG companies need to provide data transparency of sustainability goal achievement to their stakeholders, including the investment community, regulators and purposeful shoppers.
  • CPG companies need to gather more data intelligently and operate with an integrated approach to sustainability and digital commerce.
  • Data governance is a key element of digital transformation and in establishing new data standards for sustainable business operations.
Interview with Oatly​

Watch this video to learn about Oatly's ESG strategy, how the company uses master data management to achieve sustainability, as well as its future plans for sustainability data management.

Oatly is a very successful CPG company with a progressive sustainability strategy. The company’s Sustainability Reporting System Lead, Albin Junhede, underlines the importance of end-to-end maintenance of both supplier and product data.