What is Tagglo?

Tagglo is a web application for vendors and suppliers who want to manage, edit and sync their product data with retailers in one central tool.

Every retailer requires different information transmitted through different mechanisms to support their products. Tagglo takes the pain out of this process by enabling one vendor to manage many retailers from one platform.

Vendors simply select the retailers they want to publish their product data to and Tagglo helps them manage and comply with the the retailer’s complex requirements and rules.


Use your own source data

We don’t want to disrupt your existing in-house data management systems and workflows. Tagglo is compatible with a wide variety of data types and formats.

  • Import data using spreadsheets, data feeds or APIs
  • Upload information once & map it to multiple retailers

Certainty and visibility

Take the guess work out of getting it right for the retailer. Tagglo makes sure the information you send retailers is right the first time.

  • Get trusted visibility into retailer requirements
  • Automatically validate your data against retailer business rules
  • Stay informed when requirements change and respond immediately

Low Risk

Whether it’s evaluating Tagglo or getting started, it’s quick and easy.

  • No on premise installation
  • No expensive integration
  • No detailed modeling and workflow

High Value

Choose a plan that works for you. There’s a Tagglo plan for vendors large and small, whether you only need to connect to one retailer or to many.

  • Pay monthly for software as a service
  • A cost of entry to meet every budget
  • A platform that grows with your needs

Expertise and Experience

Tagglo is brought to you by veterans of the industry. Stibo Systems is a tried and trusted source of industry experience and excellence.

  • Leverage the best in class multidomain Master Data Management solution Stibo Systems
  • Over 40 years of constant innovation and experience in data management
  • Deep relationships and understanding of leading global organizations and their data needs
  • Stibo Systems is powering the next generation of cloud based vendor to retailer product information management systems with the Tagglo platform


Discover the four easy steps to upload, map, verify and publish your product information directly to your retailer.


In today’s world the store is always open. Consumers expect to find information about products at any time, anywhere and on any device. This digital revolution means retailers demand more detailed information from suppliers on the products they sell. In order to do business and thrive in this environment suppliers must be able to provide retailers with complete, accurate, compelling information and images for their products.

With Tagglo you get the complete picture to really improve your product information with each of the retailers you do business with.


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