Incorrect information about providers cost the healthcare industry billions of dollars every year. Returned mail costs, loss of patient referrals, regulatory compliance fines, and so on. The data you need to avoid this is stored in multiple systems and is updated infrequently.

Without a single view of a provider, your healthcare enterprise may struggle to:

  • Give your providers access to critical information
  • Grow referral rates from independent physicians
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Manage and track patient referrals from a specific provider or a team in multiple locations

Imagine if all that data was available in one place – a master provider registry. It is not hard to achieve with the right tool. You just need to find the option that best suits your organization’s needs. The data sheet "Create a Single, Trusted View of Providers" was written to briefly introduce one increasingly preferred option: with Master Data Management. Grab your free copy now.

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