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Managing Asset Data

How to Manage the Data on Your Physical Assets - No Matter Where They Are

Your assets may be spread out across many locations, departments and databases. You may use ERP and EAM systems - or even the good old spreadsheet. These decentralized approaches hinder you in areas such as purchasing, distribution and inventory optimization. Not to mention they slow down your time-to-market.

Learn how a Master Data Management solution can deliver the following benefits:

  • Better stock oversight leads to reduced warehouse spend

  • Needs bundling to increase order size and reduce cost

  • Increased order volume deepens extracted discounts

  • Ability to balance carrying costs vs. transport costs

  • Equivalency knowledge reduces material variety

  • Equivalency knowledge increases order size

Find out how you can ensure that your organization enjoys the same crucial benefits many other leading companies do. Get your free copy of this data sheet via the form to the right.

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