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Customer Success story

Manufacturer and retailer of surveying products and accessories accelerates growth across multiple retail categories using Stibo Systems PDS

success story Tiger Supplies
About Tiger Supplies

Tiger Supplies is an integrated manufacturer and retailer of products for the A/E/C (architectural, engineering and construction) industry, with a focus on surveying equipment and accessories.


Executive Summary

The company offers +25,000 products from +150 brands, including over 2,000 they manufacture and market under their own brands.

Their decision to enter the manufacturing side led to success with retailers like The Home Depot, where they gained steady traction in multiple categories. This often leads to product onboarding complexity, according to Jay Antokol, marketing manager at Tiger Supplies, because each category has many different, specific attributes, which change frequently when retailers do a category refresh.

Using Stibo Systems PDS (Product Data Syndication) enabled Tiger to streamline and accelerate the process, while improving data quality.

Their relationship with The Home Depot grew fast, from a handful of SKUs to thousands, and revenues followed.

“PDS makes you really fast,” Antokol said. For Tiger, “it was a game changer.”

The Business Payoff

Time is money: What used to take weeks or even months is done in a few days.

When Tiger began using PDS a few years ago, they offered about 100 products on The Home Depot’s site. Now it’s +1,000. PDS played an important role enabling that by dramatically accelerating the onboarding process. In addition, by making sure data is accurate and up-to-date, they’ve strengthened their relationship, while growing associated revenue as much as 20X.

The Customer Experience

An easy-to-use, intuitive solution from an equally reliable, supportive provider.

Keeping up with the changing requirements of a major retailer can be a demanding process. For Tiger, the challenge was amplified working across over 50 dynamic product categories with unique and evolving requirements. PDS’ intuitive design and cloud-based interface addressed this challenge by making bulk item onboarding fast and easy.

“PDS is the best tool we found for bulk item onboarding.”
Jay Antokol, marketing manager, Tiger Supplies.


Expanding across highly successful retail channels like The Home Depot presented a huge opportunity, but also new challenges.

Success in a few initial categories led to distribution across many more, each with its own attributes and requirements that changed frequently during category refreshes or as a result of changes in regulatory compliance. Keeping up became time consuming and complex.


Tiger began using PDS as their business with The Home Depot picked up.

The solution made it easy to upload the data and content the retailer needed in bulk. Content enrichment was easier thanks to specialized filtering tools. Compared to other solutions, they found PDS to be simple, flexible and cost effective.

“PDS is the best tool we found for bulk item onboarding,” Antokol said.


Since implementing PDS, Tiger grew their business with The Home Depot as much as 20X. What at one time may have taken 4-6 weeks can be done in 1-2 days. In addition to revenue, data quality soared, too. Their acceptance rate is a “sky high” 99%, meaning products are rarely rejected for having the wrong or insufficient data. Said Antokol, “it was a big win-win.”


Every retailer has its own unique data standards, requirements and processes that manufacturers need to adapt to and work with to ensure collaborative success. For Tiger Supplies, their decision to work with PDS was critical to doing so with The Home Depot. “I would definitely recommend it for working with The Home Depot or any other retailer,” Tiger marketing manager Jay Antokol, said. “They do a great job of knowing all the data standards, plus, for enriching content, they use filters that let you know along the way where you are at.”

As Tiger continues to grow across additional categories with The Home Depot, they are also looking at using PDS to achieve similar success with other major retail channels. “We’ve done several tests so far and it could be a strong asset there,” Antokol said.

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