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Customer Success story

Summit powers its business with timely, accurate and complete product data, delivering a better online experience for its customers

Summit Electric Supply success story
About Summit Electric Supply

Summit Electric Supply Co. Inc. (Summit) is an independent, privately held wholesale distributor of industrial electrical equipment and supplies, with operations in 24 U.S. locations and Dubai, UAE.


Executive Summary

To support its growth initiatives, Summit wanted to supplant its legacy product information management (PIM) system with a more scalable solution that would provide high-quality product descriptions, videos and images to its enterprise systems and business units.

Summit selected Stibo Systems Product Master Data Management (Product MDM) to create and automate the distribution of high-quality product data to its ecommerce site, website and internal groups.

Product MDM supplies trusted data using rules-based processes and automated procedures, increasing operational efficiency. It also enables the company to deliver better customer experiences by providing consumers with accurate, timely product information for more informed buying decisions.

The Business Payoff

Up-to-date product information. Summit uses Product MDM to connect product data from multiple systems to create a single, trusted record. Data is consolidated, cleansed and shared between systems, accelerating product onboarding, reducing silos and supporting multiple channels. In addition, with product data centralized to one location, the company has increased data transparency and improved decision making.

The Customer Experience

Enhanced ecommerce. Product MDM enables Summit to increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty by providing its consumers with accurate, consistent product data. The solution allows the company to launch and update products more quickly to meet customer demands and eliminates the publication of poor-quality data and outdated information. It also helps Summit build confidence with its trading partners, as well as eliminates internal data barriers to publishing information.

“We selected Stibo Systems because they had a similar vision that will move us forward, and this was demonstrated by their work with other large customers.”
Sheila Hernandez, Vice President, Chief Information and Technology Officer at Summit.


Business success in an omnichannel world requires the best data possible to meet consumers’ growing expectations. Summit needed accurate, timely product data to effectively promote its products, but collecting, managing and distributing product information using its legacy PIM solution was a challenge. The company wanted to move away from in-house, custom development to a more evolved, mature data management solution.


Summit chose to implement Stibo Systems Product MDM. “We selected Stibo Systems because they had a similar vision that will move us forward, and this was demonstrated by their work with other large customers,” said Sheila Hernandez, Vice President, Chief Information and Technology Officer at Summit.

With Product MDM, Summit masters product data across the enterprise to deliver consistent, accurate and timely information to its systems and people. It enables the creation of a single, centralized and reliable version of the truth. Product MDM also provides the necessary data quality checks to drive operational efficiency and create a data-driven competitive advantage.


Product MDM enabled Summit to:

  • Improve its digital commerce experience
  • Streamline data management
  • Remove manual processes
  • Reduce data errors Future


“In the future, we want to implement MDM within the business as a whole and make data available to groups like our sales teams,” said Hernandez.

Ultimately, the company envisions using Stibo Systems MDM platform as a central hub, where data is created once and then distributed to its enterprise resource planning and other systems when needed.

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