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Stibo Systems - The Master Data Management Company
Customer Success story

Sonepar effectively manages more data and increases data accuracy without incurring additional costs

It improves operational efficiency while creating better customer experiences.
About Sonepar

The Sonepar Group is an independent, family-owned company with global market leadership in business-to-business (B2B) distribution of electrical products, solutions and related services.


Executive Summary

Sonepar Canada, a member of the Sonepar Group, selected Stibo Systems for a Multidomain Master Data Management (MDM) solution that includes product, customer and supplier data domains.

In support of its digital transformation initiatives, the company has improved and automated multiple processes, reducing the amount of time needed to produce high-quality data. And with a dynamic link to data sources like Dun & Bradstreet, which replaces manual methods, it provides a greater understanding of supplier relationships and organizational hierarchies. In addition, the company has paved the way for implementing Stibo Systems MDM in Sonepar North America.

The result? Sonepar Canada leverages a single version of the truth, or golden record, for recording and reporting product information. This helps them negotiate with suppliers, improve customer service, lower costs and increase sales.

The Business Payoff

Increased operational efficiencies. The company centralized management of global classifications of products required in the electrical industry, improving how it adheres to industry standards. In addition, it better organizes product and supplier data to understand entity relationships. This allows the company to increase efficiency exchanging data with vendors, as well as accelerate time to market for its products and services.

The Customer Experience

Easy access to the right data. The company better captures, organizes, maintains and shares vital product data, enabling an easy path to product selection and purchase for its customers. Product information is created and classified once, then made available for operating companies to share accurate and timely information. Customers can easily locate the right product that meets their needs.

“We were successful because Stibo Systems’ professionals understood our processes and our company first, then they advised us through the process.”
Caroline Patry, Director of Product Information, Sonepar Canada.


Taking a business-first approach to its digital ecosystems, Sonepar Canada recognized the need for a single version of truth for product, vendor and customer data.

They wanted to automate workflows that would allow staff to move away from data entry and maintenance to higher-priority activities.


Sonepar Canada employs a multidomain MDM solution that delivers value to the organization by improving the quality of their data.

It allows the company to resolve duplication of data on a North American scale and create a single version of truth for data related workflows.


  • Improved data quality and as a result overall customer experiences
  • Created golden records used for multiple systems
  • Increased transparency and collaboration for operating companies
  • Replaced manual processes with automated workflows


Sonepar Canada continues to expand its MDM capabilities. It is working to standardize product MDM support for Sonepar US. Customer MDM is also being developed, tested and deployed in parallel. It is also looking to expand the use of MDM into other areas, including development of an advanced digital asset management solution.

“We were successful because Stibo Systems’ professionals understood our processes and our company first, then they advised us through the process,” said Caroline Patry, Director of Product Information.

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