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Increasing speed-to-market with a single source of product data

success story Screwfix
About Screwfix

Screwfix Direct is the UK’s largest direct multichannel supplier of trade tools, plumbing, electrical, bathroom and kitchen home improvement materials. Screwfix is also the largest next-day delivery provider in the UK with over 1500 staff members.

In a typical week Screwfix Direct processes over 70,000 orders and dispatches more than 80,000 parcels to maintenance professionals, landscapers, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, builders, decorators and serious DIYers.

Screwfix now has a central repository for all product data and attributes. This enables them to cut down the time to market and launch products with speed and pricing integrity.


The Business Payoff

“We provide customers with more information than ever before. It is better quality and in a much more accessible and comparable form,” says Trevor Culpin, Range Development Manager at Screwfix. “We want to provide customers with more quality information and are keen to develop product support areas, giving them easy access via our website to, for example, view instruction manuals, COSH sheets, hazardous product information and a whole variety of supporting material. The more information customers have, the more informed choices they can make,” says Culpin.

The Customer Experience

The MDM has enabled us to produce a brand and product index, while increasing it from two pages to nine pages.

The catalog is now much more user-friendly, even though it is bigger than ever. What once took several days to produce a two page index, now takes one hour to produce a nine page index.

“We couldn’t have achieved this before,” says Culpin.

“For us, choosing this solution meant selecting a business strategy for product information management and multichannel publishing that would help us achieve an enduring competitive advantage in the B2B and B2C markets.”
Trevor Culpin, Range Development Manager, Screwfix.


“Initially, we were just looking for a catalog production system, but as the year-long search went on, we raised our sights. We decided we wanted something that would support our business into the future and provide an enduring business advantage. A solution that would enable us to manage our product information across all systems as opposed to purely enabling us to produce catalogs,” says Trevor Culpin, Range Development Manager at Screwfix.

With this change, Stibo Systems became a top choice. Stibo Systems Product MDM is an enterprise-wide single source solution for product content. It is a powerful, flexible and scalable system built in a way that will accommodate the needs of our organization as it evolves and changes,” explains Culpin. “For us, choosing this solution meant selecting a business strategy for product information management and multichannel publishing that would help us achieve an enduring competitive advantage in the B2B and B2C markets.”


Stibo Systems MDM integrates with four other business systems. Simultaneous links are in place to Screwfix’s warehouse management system, the customer order management system, their supply chain management system and their website,

“We are committed to ensuring the best price is always available online. Customers come to us first for our competitive prices. We often have a number of live catalogs, and each day the website searches the catalog for the best price and posts that to the site. This functionality was written for us by Stibo Systems,” says Culpin. Price checking is automated, which has also led to significant time savings. Culpin considers speed a critical market differentiator for Screwfix Direct.

The MDM enables Screwfix Direct to produce printed promotional material much faster. Culpin refers to a recent production of a 48-page power tool catalog timed to go out with Screwfix’s main 620-page catalog. “We produced it within two weeks which enabled us to keep our prices absolutely spot on relative to the market. Being able to produce these publications with speed and pricing integrity definitely helps to increase our sales and grow market share.”

In addition to providing text at a granular level, Screwfix Direct also stores all of its product images within the MDM database. “There’s really no limit to the number of image views we can hold for a product,” comments Culpin. “Typically we have one view for every product, but for more complex products, we may show a left, right, front, back and in-use view. We can choose a different image for use online, and also make use of images from the database within our contact center and warehouse system to improve product identification,” he adds. Not surprisingly, the growth of the main catalog has impacted the size of the Index. “The Index is an essential ingredient to our catalogs,” asserts Culpin, who acknowledges that prior to MDM, generating indexes was “a complete nightmare.”


The central repository created with Stibo Systems MDM encompasses product data, such as dimensions, weight, images, quality assurance information, how the product should be handled, how the supply chain is managed, details about the supplier and how the product should be sold. Prices are managed in a separate database and fed into the system before use in catalogs, online and by the contact center system.

The MDM publishes external feeds to Oracle ATG and Fredhopper. It enables high-volume catalog production and ensures high-quality product data that gives a competitive edge.

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