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OTC fuels its business systems with trusted data that improves the product lifecycle and delivers an exceptional online experience for customers

success story Oriental Trading Company
About Oriental Trading Company

Oriental Trading Company (OTC) is the largest U.S. direct retailer of party supplies, arts and crafts, toys and novelties, as well as school supplies and affordable home décor and giftware.

oriental trading company (OTC)

Executive Summary

OTC understands today’s customer. The company has embraced digital transformation as a means to provide outstanding online experiences for shoppers, which is no easy task.

With tens of thousands of products available from its ecommerce site, the company needed a solution to tear down information silos and ensure its multiple systems across departments work seamlessly to provide trusted content to customers.

OTC turned to Stibo Systems Product Master Data Management (Product MDM) to improve the quality and distribution of product data across the organization.

Today, Product MDM provides a single, centralized version of the truth that can be shared in near real-time. The result is multiple backend and customer-facing systems being fed consistent, accurate and timely information – delivering greater operational efficiencies for OTC and an optimal experience that drives customer loyalty.

The Business Payoff

Greater operational efficiency. Managing product data with Stibo Systems Product MDM solution has empowered OTC to improve its ecommerce platform using complete product information supplied from a single trusted source. Not only is OTC able to enhance data management and maintenance for its 160,000 SKUs; they can also more efficiently produce their more than 80 catalogs that are delivered to millions of subscribers every year.

The Customer Experience

Accurate, timely product information. OTC provides a customer-centric shopping experience by ensuring timely, accurate and complete information on its more than 55,000 products. The online retailer gets products to market quicker and provides site visitors the latest product updates as soon as they are available. Moreover, customers consume trusted, error-free content that’s available for all seasons.

“We’ve achieved many benefits, including operational efficiencies, time savings, vendor management and more."
Brian Boub, Director of Application Development, Oriental Trading Company.


With ecommerce at the forefront of how the company serves its customers, the problem was integrating numerous silos, including four distinct and disparate systems—purchasing/receiving, ecommerce, products and catalogue production.

From product ideation to creation and launch, data management was a multiple-step, multi-system and multi-record approach that was prone to errors.

Further complicating matters were legacy systems based on years of backend coding.


OTC implemented Stibo Systems Product MDM solution to centralize data and streamline processes.

Leveraging Product MDM, the company ensures the efficient creation, governance and distribution of product content to the systems that need it. This optimizes product lifecycle management for more than 55,000 products.

Further, it ensures a more engaging customer experience online and continued growth in its ecommerce sales.


  • Provided an exceptional digital experience for customers
  • Integrated multiple systems and tear down silos
  • Streamlined workflows and processes
  • Reduced data errors and remove duplicate records
  • Accelerated product introduction and updates (copy, images and ecommerce)


OTC plans to build on its current Product MDM success by expanding efforts to extend MDM data viewing to more users across departments. In addition, the company will improve governance, workflows and rules for its more than 350 users who work with the tool daily.

“We’ve achieved many benefits, including operational efficiencies, time savings, vendor management and more. For example, we tied master data to metrics that help us identify top-selling products. We have a central place for copywriters to locate product data. IT doesn’t have to spend as much time troubleshooting because power users resolve their issues,” said Brian Boub, Director of Application Development, Oriental Trading Company.

In addition, OTC will work to streamline workflows further and reduce the number of data touch points. This not only accelerates data creation and sharing but reduces the chances of data errors.

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