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Becoming a leader of ecommerce with Product MDM

success-story Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC)
About Mountain Equipment Co-op

Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) is a consumer cooperative offering products for climbing, hiking and other outdoor activities. MEC has 2.5 million members throughout Canada. They patronize MEC’s stores and purchase through MEC’s catalog and ecommerce channels. MEC is the largest retailer of its kind in Canada.


Executive Summary

With their Product MDM — an enhanced PIM solution — from Stibo Systems, MEC can effectively manage products with associated images and expand their ecommerce and catalog initiatives. Having a central repository for product information in multiple languages, MEC can leverage a single source of content.

As a result, they have improved consistency, digital asset handling and employee productivity; and they have combined product management, sales analysis and creative design into a single workflow.

MEC management and employees pride themselves on their knowledge of the products they sell and the ways they’re used. “We differentiate ourselves with our staff’s product expertise,” says Bob Hermanutz, Internet Development Manager at MEC.


Prior to the Product MDM implementation, text translations and photographs were all stored on different systems, and information wasn’t compiled until it was placed on the page or loaded to the website.

“We were able to manage the process, but it took a lot of effort not to duplicate work and not to miss things,” Hermanutz said. “It succeeded because people were diligent.” Text for the catalog and website were stored in separate databases.

New product information was only sent to the website when a new catalog was published, which only occurred a few times a year. MEC might have had a hot, new product on the market without customers knowing.

“We can manage the solution with almost no IT resources.”
Bob Hermanutz, Internet Development Manager, MEC.


By implementing Stibo Systems Product MDM for product information management (PIM), MEC is able to streamline and improve accuracy of processes used to move information through the organization.

Mountain Equipment is using the solution to combine product management, sales analysis and creative design into a single workflow.

MEC benefits from using Product MDM:

  • To import, create and manage product data
  • To manage documents for sales promotions and marketing
  • For digital asset management to manage and store product images
  • For import and export to use information in a variety of formats
  • For merchandising to analyze and plan publications
  • For publishing that integrates data with Adobe InDesign®
  • To deliver product content to its website

The Customer Experience

The system installation was easily completed by MEC’s IT department, which allowed Stibo Systems’ solution access to the company’s network. The more complex part of the PIM implementation was the cleaning and setup of the data structure within the application. After this task was completed, managing the application became straightforward. “Stibo Systems installs and maintains the platform,” Hermanutz says. “We can manage the solution with almost no IT resources.”

The solution is helping MEC’s employees work more efficiently and accurately. To produce the catalog, buyers choose a set of products and use the platform to place them in an electronic folder. The catalog coordinator uses an electronic flat planner to design catalog pages, which he or she reviews with the buyers to determine if the number of products will fit on the pages and to see if any product placements should be shuffled.

“We know we are at the leading edge of ecommerce,” says Hermanutz. “There are few companies around the world doing what we do. Ambition, vision and gut determination have helped get us where we are today. By the same token, we need the people we work with to have a dynamic and aggressive development program and to be really involved and engaged in taking it to the next step. That is vital to our company maintaining its lead position and fulfilling its ambitious growth plans in the future.”

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