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Customer Success story

One experience across three brands

LIXIL preserves brand identity and achieves a global business solution by integrating processes and using a centralized data strategy.

LIXIL is a $16 billion organization, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Across LIXIL’s global operations, the Asia Pacific region is the most diverse, both geographically and culturally. It’s also the only region where all of LIXIL’s businesses and brands are represented and in active play. Asia Pacific embodies the true spirit of LIXIL — a global, multicultural organization with multiple brands and a varied product portfolio.


Executive Summary

Integrating data after M&A

Following multiple acquisitions came the challenge of merging different sets of product data, as well as the need to speed up data upload and population without relying on additional resources.

Stibo Systems’ Product Master Data Management solution enabled LIXIL to automate their data management using a centralized data strategy. All brand products are now merged into the same data format and populated as consistent data from a single source to websites and sales catalogs.

“We have consolidated our product data creation process, so that one workflow ties together regional and local R&D, product marketing and brand,” says Khim Siang Lim, Digital Manager.

The Business Payoff

A solid data foundation. As an enterprise solution for a global company, the solution enables LIXIL to act with agility and confidence in its data. They can quickly upscale their business with new products and share trustworthy product information with any sales or partner channel in any language. “Our regional managers appreciate that they can now find all product-related information by just one quick look-up,” says the digital manager.

The Customer Experience

Collecting once, using everywhere. Regional managers have gained a clear overview over which SKUs are sold where and which ones are missing in certain countries. It’s easy to search related product information such as images and digital assets. With that, LIXIL has taken a giant leap towards creating a Digital Business Hub where the most important data assets are gathered once and distributed to all users.

“Our regional managers appreciate that they can now find all product-related information by just one quick look-up.”
Khim Siang Lim, Digital Manager, LIXIL APAC.


As a result of its various mergers and acquisitions, LIXIL was managing all product data by using different systems and this gave rise to resulting challenges.

The need to solve this became urgent because LIXIL had to cope with three different data formats and integrate product information from different sources.


The solution is designed to consolidate the product data of the three brands under one umbrella, a centralized product data management solution, using one data format while still preserving the uniqueness of each brand.

LIXIL takes advantage of the solution’s automated data processes, ensuring the data quality and leveraging an open platform that enables integration across websites and sales channels to share correct product information easily.


With product data being consolidated in a central data hub, LIXIL can now speed up the data process. Automation features that include intelligent data onboarding and validation enable LIXIL to remove manual errors and increase operational efficiency.

The result is a much more agile business capable of presenting and integrating the smart design products to which LIXIL owes its fame.


LIXIL can now build on a foundation of high-quality and accessible data that will facilitate business growth and lean data operations. Acquiring more data from multiple sources will increase data processing efficiency. LIXIL is in a much better position to adjust and populate its product portfolio when a new design is launched.

The solution supports LIXIL’s brand equity and lays the groundwork for expansion, including international brand acquisitions, growing the product catalog and the ability to serve several simultaneous building projects. Taking control over the company’s most important data assets enables management to drive better business decisions.

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