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Kellogg improves consumers’ purchase journey with reliable information

About Kellogg

More than 100 years ago, The Kellogg Company changed breakfast forever when W.K. Kellogg introduced Kellogg’s Corn Flakes. Today, they continue to be a leader in the food industry in 180 countries across the world.

Kellogg manages more than 100 brands and 1,600 food products in their portfolio of offerings and has a globalpresence in manufacturing its products in 18 regions and selling them in 180 countries.

The company needed to address how to best maintain a single view of their brands and products across their enterprise, to retail customers and consumers all over the world, in light of changing shopper behaviors, consumer demand for more nutrition information and labeling, as well as industry challenges such as expanding food categories and increasing food regulations.

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  • Managing a complex data set of more than 100 brands, 3500 SKUs, 4500 consumer recipes, and 9000 product images that feed more than 400 global websites
  • Needed a single global view of their brand(s) across all channels and to all customers
  • Complying with EU1169 food labeling regulation and others
  • Support for their call center regarding products and promotions


  • Single version of the truth for all products globally, enabling compliance of EU1169 regulation
  • Improved accuracy and validation of product and nutrition information
  • Seamlessbrandexperienceonlineandoffline
  • Faster new product introduction and agility
Kellogg’s uses master data management to cope with consumer demand for more nutrition information, as well as expanding food categories and increasing food regulations.


In order for Kellogg’s retail customers and consumers to haveaunifiedbrandexperienceacrossallregionsandmarkets and achieve compliance with Europe’s EU1169 regulation, the company started a marketing initiative that would tie the brand together from a product and global perspective to achieve a seamless brand experience.

That marketing initiative led Kellogg to implement Stibo Systems MDM for product information management to create a single global trusted source for their product and nutrition information, consumer recipes, FAQs and promotions.


Since the implementation of Stibo Systems’ product information management solution, Kellogg has been able to replace old legacy systems, homegrown solutions and countless spreadsheets.

They are able to organise and have more control over their branding internationally, easily collaborate with advertising agencies, support their call centers and improve visibility across all Kellogg brands.

The MDM solution feeds more than 400 Kellogg global websites in over 40 languages, including the Kellogg Family Rewards US Loyalty site, and retailer-specific feedswithproduct and nutrition information to support their retail customers with the most accurate and current information.

Kellogg leads the way in providing consumers with nutritional and allergen information of their products online and in-store by ingesting ERP product recipe data into MDM, and then calculating and outputting nutritional labels for use in the product lifecycle.

Kellogg has also begun publishing products to SmartLabel, a transparency initiative by the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association that provides nutrition and ingredient information to consumers via the web.

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