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Customer Success story

Hach delivers high-quality content in more than 40 languages for a better online experience

Hach Customer Success story
About Hach

Since 1947 Hach has been committed to ensuring water quality for people around the world. To deliver on its mission, Hach develops products and solutions that are faster and more informative with outstanding technical expertise and unsurpassed customer partnerships.


Executive Summary

Hach analytical instruments, software and reagents are used to test the quality of water in a variety of industries and customer segments in more than 100 countries.

Due to their detailed product data, Hach relied on print catalogs to communicate products and parts information to their customers.

As the company started to grow their online presence, they had a need for a solution that would manage their product master data and efficiently publish product information to their ecommerce platform.

To meet that goal, Hach implemented a Product Master Data Management (MDM) solution with built-in digital asset management (DAM) capabilities.

The Business Payoff

Using Product MDM, Hach can publish up-to-date and accurate product information to their ecommerce platform and streamline management of all digital assets.

Product information is integrated and centralized across business groups. That enables the company to deliver relevant, translated product data for each specific region and to collaborate better across the organization.

The Customer Experience

Once Hach shifted focus from print catalogs to ecommerce, they chose Stibo Systems Product MDM platform as their product information management (PIM) solution to manage and publish product data to their ecommerce sites. The solution enables them to publish, update and maintain all their product information in 40+ unique language sites around the globe. Product MDM is also used as their digital asset management (DAM) solution allowing Hach to efficiently associate over 25,000 digital assets with each of their products.

Using Product MDM, Hach can publish up-to-date and accurate product information to their ecommerce platform and streamline management of all digital assets.


Since each product also needs to be associated with a variety of digital assets, from product images to application notes, manuals and data sheets, Hach required a system to store, manage, maintain and update their enormous digital asset library.

Due to their global presence, publishing consistent and relevant product information to all their regional sites, using the correct language and assets, was critical.

The company’s different business groups use separate systems to manage their product information. Therefore, a single platform to manage product data, establish consistency and promote collaboration across the organization was needed.


Hach uses Stibo Systems Master Data Management (MDM) platform as a trusted source for product data and as their digital asset management (DAM) solution. The platform enables Hach to easily manage and maintain tens of thousands of SKUs along with their respective product descriptions and attributes.

Furthermore, Hach uses the MDM platform to establish the necessary approval processes to make sure their product information is always accurate and up-to-date, as well as to synchronize their product data so that only the latest, approved version of the information is displayed on their websites.


By using the built-in DAM component, Hach can easily store, group, preview and search through their entire digital asset library. They are also able to accurately associate one or more digital assets to any product and guarantee each product is linked with the latest, approved version of each asset.

To deliver consistent, current and accurate product information across their language sites, Hach takes advantage of the solution’s localization features supporting more than 40 languages. This enables them to localize relevant product attributes only once, reducing unnecessary re-translations.

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