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Customer Success story

PDS enables time savings of over 90% and a sales increase up to 40% at Caroline’s Treasures

customer story carolines treasures
About Caroline’s Treasures

Caroline’s Treasures is a US-based manufacturer and distributor of high-quality, handcrafted design products for home, garden and office. They sell a total of 191,000 products through their own and via online retailers such as The Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon and more.

caroline's treasures

Executive Summary

Demand from retailers sparked significant growth at Caroline’s Treasures. But amid the success, managing a rapidly increasing amount of product data and integrating with a variety of item data onboarding processes and systems became increasingly difficult – eventually setting limits to the company’s growth.

PDS, a data exchange platform optimized to share product data with many retailers and marketplaces from a single place, provided immediate relief.

Data has now become a competitive advantage instead of an impediment for Caroline’s Treasures and automatic data processing has replaced manual and error-prone processes. Speed to market and data quality have improved and errors have decreased significantly.

PDS (Product Data Syndication) is a cloud-based platform that validates, transforms and delivers product data to any retailer, tackling the gamut of retailers’ item data management processes and data requirements.

The Business Payoff

The time savings are staggering. With PDS, Caroline’s Treasures can set up 2,400 items on Amazon Vendor Central in 15 minutes – a process that would previously take 3-4 hours. This corresponds to a time reduction of 90%.

“Faster time to market with more products and better data quality due to the use of PDS have resulted in a 30-40% increase in sales,” says Denny Knight, COO and Director of Ecommerce at Caroline’s Treasures.

The Customer Experience

The speed and reliability of the PDS solution not only benefits Caroline’s Treasures but all of their retail partners who now receive all the data they want, in the format they want it in and in record time.

The retailers can rely on the data quality for these products because the information is automatically validated and transformed in the PDS software before ever reaching them.

“Delivering correct product data quickly to our many retailers is crucial to our success and growth.”
Denny Knight, COO and Director of Ecommerce at Caroline’s Treasures.


The move to sell via retailers and marketplaces gave rise to incredible growth. But timely delivery of product data was lagging due to manual processing of an ever-increasing amount of data because of intensifying compliance requirements and the growth in points of purchase.

The challenges were exacerbated by the fact that each retailer had a different product taxonomy and required different category attributes. The combined effect was an inability to upscale the business.


Now managing their product data with PDS, Caroline’s Treasures can share content that conforms with their retail partners’ specific data standards.

PDS allows retailers to receive product data in whichever format they require. The solution eliminates costly manual data entry, reduces error-rates and drastically increases the speed and volume of data acquisition from vendor partners.


Caroline’s Treasures now offers a total of almost 200,000 different products across multiple channels, categories and customers. They are in nine different product categories on Amazon; they post thousands of products within minutes to all of their retailers and they add more products every day, relying on the PDS solution to transform and push data as quickly as required.


”The fact that we can now upscale our business from day to day without any data hassle allows us to focus 100% on our product quality and giving our customers an excellent experience,” says Denny Knight, COO at Caroline’s Treasures.

“The ability to manage infinite amounts of product information, seamlessly integrate with any retailer system and preserve an information quality that matches the quality of our products means that Caroline’s Treasures can ramp up for future growth with confidence.

”Unlimited and automatic data sharing across channels without having to allocate additional human resources is crucial for keeping the time to market at a minimum and for attracting new business partners. With further growth expected, Caroline’s Treasures is primed to stand up new retailer partners very quickly.

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