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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy


Stibo Systems defines corporate social responsibility as adhering to standards which ensure that its activities are carried out in an ethically, socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable manner. 

Stibo Systems is an organization whose activities have the potential to impact a wide-array of cultures, religions, ethnicities, provinces, territories, and nations.  As such, Stibo Systems understands that responsible corporate behavior not only facilitates the development and success of Stibo Systems' business activities within the technology industry, but also contributes to the economic and sustainable development of communities affected by Stibo Systems’ operations.

In alignment with our company’s principles of conduct:

  • Stibo Systems will abide by all applicable local and international laws, including international human rights standards promulgated by the United Nations. Stibo will not tolerate any human rights violations or abuses.  
  • Stibo Systems will carry out its employment practices in accordance with the principles of freely chosen employment. Stibo does not contract with companies who use forced, bonded, exploitive, indentured, or involuntary labor practices.  Furthermore, Stibo ensures that protections with respect to child laborers, hours of work, employee wages and benefits, employee treatment, freedom of association, health, and safety are at the forefront of its employee-related policies and practices. 
  • Stibo Systems will not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, age, national origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, marital status or any other protected characteristic under the applicable laws.
  • Stibo Systems will conduct its business transactions openly and transparently in accordance with the highest industry set ethical standards and values. Stibo Systems will ensure that its corporate practices are carried out in a manner that abides by the company’s stated business principles with respect to business integrity, anti-bribe and corruption, disclosure of information, protection of intellectual property, fair business practices, and the protection of suppliers and employees.
  • Stibo Systems will develop sustainable business practices and products which limit the company’s impact on the environment, such as recycling, water conservation, and environmental awareness practices.
  • Stibo Systems will enrich and engage its employees through employee-focused development practices and initiatives which aim to ensure appropriate employee morale and foster collegiality in the workplace.
  • Stibo Systems will actively seek opportunities to donate to organizations championing worthy causes and initiatives.

Stibo Systems’ management has internally delegated power within its legal department to review and approve every company initiative to ensure that it complies with the above stated standards.

As a global leader in the field of Master Data Management (MDM) solutions, Stibo Systems will ensure that its operations promote its international business principles and responsible business practices.  Stibo Systems values and respects the principles of all communities with which we work and is committed to effecting this global corporate social responsibility policy through the active involvement, on all levels, of our employees, management, and directors.




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