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Product Data Syndication for Product MDM


Solution Sheet

Drive growth by easily syndicating data throughout your value chain

In the digital economy, data associated with a product is synonymous with the product itself. However, with so many companies in the value chain, making sure that data meets everyone’s unique business and legal requirements is a major challenge.

Stibo Systems’ Product Master Data Management (PMDM) includes an integrated Product Data Syndication (PDS) solution that is ideal for organizations which need to share content that conforms to specific data standards or channel requirements.

PDS is a cloud-based app delivered as Software-as-a-Service that seamlessly inter-operates with Stibo Systems’ Product MDM to enable the exchange of product master data between data providers and receivers – manufacturers, brand owners, distributors, retailers or other partners – using predefined channels.

Key benefits of using Stibo Systems’ PDS solution include:

  • Fostering agility and efficiency by reducing the complexity of managing data requirements
  • Improving collaboration and strengthening trust between value chain partners
  • Empowering seamless customer-centric experiences that drive revenue and growth
  • Enabling products, promotions and new lines to get to market faster
  • Driving accuracy and efficiency by enforcing data standards and eliminating costly manual entry

Download the solution sheet to learn more about Stibo Systems’ PDS flexible solution.