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Product MDM Puts Data at the Heart of the Company’s Business

PARIS, France, February 5, 2019 – Stibo Systems, the only master data management (MDM) company focused on putting Your business first, today announced that leading worldwide energy provider the ENGIE group has implemented a Stibo Systems MDM solution to help the company’s ENGIE Ineo subsidiary meet the new digital requirements of the construction industry.

An integrator of electrical solutions and information and communications systems, ENGIE Ineo installed the Stibo Systems solution across the enterprise to enable implementation of building information modeling (BIM) and product information management (PIM) solutions for managing both its customers and suppliers. Thanks to the Product MDM solution from Stibo Systems, ENGIE Ineo has placed data at the heart of its business as well as implemented an e-catalog of its teams, a move consistent with the digital transformation already well under way at ENGIE.

ENGIE Ineo integrated the Product MDM solution from Stibo Systems with its BIM system, enabling a review of working methods by the integrator and positioning product data at the heart of their business. The resulting solution serves as an information channel to the construction data model, enabling the use of BIM cross-channeled with information from building management systems, computerized maintenance management systems (CMMSs) and user requests, helping optimize the way the construction industry operates as well as enabling the creation of new services.

“BIM is revolutionizing the way buildings, infrastructure and technical networks are designed, built and managed – making them more intelligent and able to send real-time information for our analysis,” said Thierry Vito, Purchasing IS Manager at ENGIE Ineo. “By converging MDM, BIM and machine learning, we are forming the information management infrastructure of tomorrow, and with Stibo Systems we are providing a platform for all our facilities to gather, manage and disseminate product data.”

The Product MDM solution will also help ENGIE Ineo generate rapid ROI through the automation and governance of product data and purchasing agreements. Combined with a content management system (CMS), the MDM platform manages the data from ENGIE Ineo Shop, an e-commerce platform dedicated to ENGIE Ineo stakeholders. It provides a product repository with more than 3 million products, ensuring the consistency and reliability of information. The MDM platform has already integrated 600,000 of those products, including between 100 and 200 characteristics per product, equaling 20% of all integrated products for more than 80% of all purchases made.

The platform also manages the application mechanism for purchase agreements, calculating the different price variants for each product by deciding the different ranges of discount for the product then highlighting the best price for each one. The solution even alerts ENGIE Ineo buyers when notable variations are detected at the product level.

“We are proud to be able to support ENGIE Ineo in the digitalization of its businesses. And thanks to ENGIE Ineo's preparatory work and our mutual drive, the solution was put into production in a record time of six months,” said Frédéric Marie, Managing Director at Stibo Systems France. “With the Product MDM solution, Stibo Systems provides ENGIE Ineo with the means to be a forerunner in the structuring and management of data in the construction industry. After the insurance, finance and retail sectors, this new partnership with one of the leaders in energy and digital transition demonstrates the adaptability and efficiency of the Stibo Systems MDM platform to meet digital and data governance requirements across all sectors.”

About ENGIE Ineo -

As a creator of solutions for connected urban areas and neighborhoods (electrical solutions, communications and information systems), ENGIE Ineo is over 15,000 employees working to meet the needs of a changing world. In 2017, it reported revenues of €2.4 billion. With a network of 300 facilities in France and abroad, ENGIE Ineo’s teams innovate to support their customers in the energy and digital transition. They support them to design telecommunications and energy infrastructures as well as transport, tertiary and industrial projects, and those linked to aeronautics and defense. From design through to production, maintenance and operation, ENGIE Ineo’s experts imagine and anticipate tomorrow’s needs by developing solutions combining technical and cost-effective performance. ENGIE Ineo is part of the ENGIE Group, one of the leading energy companies worldwide.

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