The new ISO IDMP standards for submission of medicinal product information is making pharmaceutical companies look at how they manage their data. The introduction of new regulations, including XEVMPD, gives enterprises the opportunity to master their data to manage their medicinal product information from bench to consumer. 

  • Become compliant and increase efficiency for the whole organisation
  • Seamlessly integrate with data pools such as GS1
  • Enable your systems to handle automated submissions 

This solution brief will outline how master data management: 

  • Synchronises and consolidates your data from both internal and external sources to enable easier communication between suppliers, customers and regulators
  • With data governance, supports the development of new healthcare business models
  • Supports awareness and transparency of medical product characteristics
  • Makes regulatory compliance an integral part of your medicinal product data
  • Enables easy sharing and insight into your pharmaceutical and clinical trials information


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