Digital agency with offices in Copenhagen and Aarhus, working with strategy, implementation of platforms and digital marketing.

We are 200 commerce specialists creating digital shopping experiences which get the heart racing and increase sales. Over the past two decades, we have worked on 200+ digital commerce projects and created success for some of Scandinavia’s leading brands, retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers. Our trademark is to use technology to create results.

The combination of the best developers and an in-depth understanding of digital commerce ensures market-leading technical quality and solutions that push the technology to its limits. We do not work for our clients, but with them. And we have fun in the process. We believe that we create the best results through good relations.

Partnering with Stibo Systems

The collaboration between IMPACT and Stibo Systems is a one-of-a-kind partnership based on shared knowledge of retailers' and manufacturers’ needs. Both IMPACT and Stibo Systems have a strong portfolio of clients who they have helped to manage their data throughout the years, creating mutual trust and understanding of customers’ pains and gains.

Both IMPACT and Stibo Systems are located in Aarhus, and with a few former Stibo Systems employees among IMPACT’s specialists, IMPACT has extensive in-depth knowledge of Stibo Systems' master data software that customers can benefit from implementing.

IMPACT’s and Stibo Systems’ collaboration is built on trust, a profound passion for data, and a common goal of creating the best customer experiences possible using data.

IMPACT Value Proposition

We offer a holistic view of a project that covers the entire eCommerce landscape – that can include a PIM/MDM solution but also many other elements such as UX & Design, eCommerce platforms, project management, scoping, analysis, Q&A.

IMPACT guides you through the entire implementation of Stibo STEP, offers security of delivery and provides well-argued business know-how of how your e-commerce and Master Data Management System compliments each other. That creates value and peace of mind for you and your business.