Astrocytia is a global network of organisms consisting of 4 primary DNA strings: Strategy — Consulting — Innovation — Software
About Astrocytia

Astrocytes are star-shaped cells in the cortex and the brain that connect to a multitude of functions and signals in the body and transmits them in the central nervous system.

We are the astrocytes that connect people, passion & technology. We believe that all companies and organizations are living and breathing organisms, that has to be nurtured and connected to transmit together in order to create a difference that. This vision empowers everything we do in Astrocytia in the way we connect with the people, the transformation, the technology, the innovation — and enabling a unique self improving organism.

We are a global consulting company, working across across multiple industries, transforming and digitalising the largest brands and corporations - combining People, Passion & Technology.

Partnering with Stibo Systems

We consist of some of the most seasoned people who have been on the journey growing Stibo STEP from a product catalogue over a Product Information Management (PIM) solution to a leading Multidomain Master Data Management (MDM) solution. We have been involved in many Stibo STEP implementations that successfully have matured the data management capabilities in multiple large enterprises around the world.

We focus on the business outcome of MDM/PIM implementations emphasizing on the alignment of business strategy and data strategy, making it go hand in hand with change management and underpinning the roadmap and implementation with a business oriented data governance framework.

We work with forward looking companies that either want to start or restart their MDM solution based on the STEP platform or that want to get much more business outcome from an existing STEP solution by breaking down more knowledge and data silos, launch new business services and create new data driven revenue models.

Astrocytia Value Proposition

We help our clients scaling their business.

Within fashion and lifestyle, we have a deep understanding of the commercial aspects of the industry including all the process and data related pain points and bottlenecks and our track record can help your organisation to perform its ultimate best.

Within retail, we provide a proven methodology of managing product onboarding with digital assets that will create one seamless process from supplier colaboration to customer experience at the shelf or on the online store.

Within manufacturing, we assist in streamlining the processes throughout the organization from product design/PLM over strategic sourcing, purchasing, quality and compliance to sales and eBusiness.

Within pharma/healthcare, we have developed a best practice approach leveraging a transparent process and logic, that will help complex data and processes become simpler.