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Independent consulting and service company that is focusing on the digitization of product-related business models and product information management.
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About abilex GmbH

Discovering the potential of digitization - ensuring performance: Digitization opens up immense opportunities for companies and raises many questions at the same time. abilex has been working on the digitization of sales, marketing and service since 2004. We understand transformation holistically and accompany our customers from the beginning. As a reliable partner we support our clients in finding the way that suits best to further develop established business models and to open up digital possibilities and channels. From consulting to technology implementation to operation. We design, implement and integrate future-oriented technologies to create customized solutions with high business value. Our implementation is always effective, transparent, sustainable and fair.

abilex GmbH
Partnering with Stibo Systems

abilex is a StiboSystems partner since 2017. As the first partner in the European Ecosystem of Stibo, abilex has implemented STEP as a cloud solution. Our cooperation with Stibo is comprehensive. It starts with advising interested parties, continues with the implementation and ends with after project support and services.

STEP is the most suitable choice for abilex to create powerful and highly scalable PIM solutions for our customers (from the segments Automotive, Manufacturing, Customer Goods/Retail and Healthcare/Life science). Especially if they have complex product structures, a wide range of products or a very large number of articles.

Since abilex understands digitization in sales, marketing and service holistically, we integrate STEP as a significant component in comprehensive digital, cloud-based architectures and ensure that the individual components interact smoothly with each other. Of course we also integrate the common ERP systems.

abilex GmbH Value Proposition

abilex is a Consulting and Services company specialized in transforming sales, marketing and service into digital. With more than 70 employees at 4 locations in Germany abilex designs future-oriented, holistic solutions, especially for medium-sized businesses and hidden champions in the D-A-CH region.

The management of product information (PIM) is an important component of such solutions. In addition, abilex also masters the equally relevant digital disciplines Customer Relationship Management, Marketing Automation, eCommerce, Digital Asset Management, Community or CPQ.

Only if all these elements work together smoothly and integrated in a business-driven architecture, sustainable digital solutions that generate added value for customers can be created - and that is exactly what abilex stands for.