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Mastering Customer Data and Controlling Business Destiny

Today’s enterprises struggle to unlock the insights hidden in their tangled web of data. Often, what’s lacking is a key that opens connections to disparate silos of information. Today’s best-in-class companies recognize that customer data, more often than not, is that very key to bringing order and connectivity to the chaos. With a customer-centric strategy for Master Data Management (MDM), top companies create richer insights, make better decisions and deliver repeatable business performance.

In this webinar, join Michael Lock, Aberdeen’s Vice President and Principal Analyst, as he discusses key research findings such as:

  • The top data-related challenges companies face today
  • Evolving strategies for data management, including multidomain MDM
  • The tangible benefits of a customer-centric approach to MDM

Speaker's Bio

Michael Lock
Vice President, Research Group Director
Aberdeen Group

Michael Lock is a 15-year veteran of the technology space and an outspoken advocate for non-technical business decision makers. As Vice President and Principal Analyst, Michael oversees three main research practice areas at Aberdeen: Business Analytics, Business Planning & Execution, and Information Technology.

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