They will thank you for it by spending more over a longer period

Today, you can insure your car by the hour. You can even reduce health premiums by using wearable sensor technology to proactively monitor health, and reduce insurance liability.

As you know, your customers want insurance products and services that are personal to them. But creating personalised and differentiated offers can only be achieved with a 360-degree view of the relationship between your customers and your products.

And of course, it helps if you can create and access this information from existing systems without having to make infrastructure changes.

For one multi-billion Euro insurer, we gave them the ability to create new, customer-centric products and services by improving how they managed policies, securities, distributor and customer information. All from within the same solution.

By simplifying the process of how insurance offers are created, bundled, distributed and verified for compliance, despite having multiple lines of business, they can now build new, timely and more customer centric and competitive offers.

Our insurance solution is STEP. A single technology that integrates product, distributor, location and customer data into a single place.

With STEP you can:

  • Develop new, more competitive, customer-centric products and services
  • Support automated underwriting initiatives
  • Ensure your distribution network is up to speed on the latest offerings
  • Explore complex party relationships to identify new business opportunities and find beneficiaries
  • Support regulatory compliance for GDPR
  • Ensure self and digital service channels have accurate and coherent information
  • Support multi-channel
  • Develop more insight into your customer relationships with a 360-degree customer view
  • Automate the production of product and regulatory documentation
  • Reduce risk by improving identification of related parties and market facts

As you know, traditional ways of providing insurance have evolved from annual policies to products that happen without service boundaries. Your customers want transactions of value, and we can help you achieve this, inside your existing infrastructure.

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