Managing large-scale engineering or construction projects requires handling data for a multitude domains including assets, products, suppliers and customers as well as the relationships between them. These projects also need precise collaboration between internal and external workgroups, and for flexibility in case of unexpected changes. To succeed your business needs to be confident that their information is clean, accurate and readily available.

Stibo Systems’ Master Data Management platform, STEP, provides a single technology platform that enables you to integrate data from disparate systems, ensures the quality and accuracy of that data, and supplies critical systems with up-to-date engineering and design data.


Rely on a single, central repository

High volumes of data stored in multiple locations and handled by different teams can be time-consuming and costly. By gathering and integrating internal and external data to a single location, you can:

  • Improve collaboration between teams and suppliers
  • Quickly search and categorize data
  • Ensure project data quality
  • Efficiently export and distribute data among teams

Reduce costs

Complex projects can involve multiple suppliers, parts and equipment. Dealing with large amounts of data manually from beginning to end results in higher labor costs and delays.

  • Reduce procurement costs by using accurate data
  • Shorten project lifecycle times by taking advantage of synchronized data
  • Lower labor costs that result from lack of team collaboration and poor data quality
  • Set up automatic workflows and processes to enhance cross-department collaboration


Ensure regulatory compliance

Since engineering and construction organizations have to deal with local, state and federal regulations for any project, maintaining compliance is critical. To tackle these challenges, you need effective data governance to be compliant.

  • Tracking data from multiple sources
  • Setting up workflows with appropriate approval processes
  • Providing accurate and necessary reporting of project and asset data
  • Creating audit trails to easily track the change history of your enterprise data


Gain visibility

Efficiently tracking the availability and suitability of products, equipment and materials reduces costs and improves inventory planning.

  • Provides insight into redundant inventory, the suitability of Bills of Materials (BOMs) and equipment
  • Quickly view and report on pertinent data via configurable dashboards

Enhance collaboration

Today, many projects can involve geographically distributed teams. Ensuring your project and asset information is communicated properly is paramount.

  • Localize product, equipment or material data
  • Publish and distribute project information and documentation across multiple teams