Événements en direct, numériques et professionnels

La collaboration est essentielle au succès des implémentations MDM. Les évènements ou les réunions en ligne ou en direct organisés par Stibo Systems constituent une occasion parfaite pour démarrer ce processus.
Les solutions de Stibo Systems sont conçues pour répondre aux besoins spécifiques des clients. Nos événements en direct et numériques, de même que nos apparitions lors de démonstrations, conférences et rencontres professionnelles n’y font pas exception. Chacun de ces événements offre à nos clients et partenaires des occasions pour développer leur réseau professionnel. Ils peuvent écouter des témoignages de clients, découvrir comment le Master Data Management autorise des résultats métier positifs et favorise la transformation digitale.

Conférences clients à venir : Connect 2019

Connect 2019 offre aux clients une occasion unique d'apprendre, de développer leur réseau professionnel, de s'inspirer de leurs pairs et de découvrir les dernières tendances en matière de MDM. Ne manquez pas cette occasion de rencontrer en tête-à-tête les experts de Stibo Systems, de participer à des tables rondes animées par des clients et d’apprendre les meilleures pratiques des plus brillants esprits du MDM.

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Événements à venir

Stibo Systems organise et participe à de nombreux événements publics et privés dans le monde entier. Les clients, les responsables métier et informatiques, ont ainsi la possibilité de rencontrer des experts du secteur, de discuter des défis commerciaux et de découvrir comment le Master Data Management peut aider leur entreprise.

septembre 26 Data 2020 Summit 2019
Summary: Data 2020 Summit is a strategy roundtable event organised for professionals working with Information Management, Data Governance, Master Data Management, Data Quality, and Enterprise Architecture in the Nordics. With domestic and international speakers on stage, panels, roundtable discussions and plenty of learning and networking activities in the exhibition area, the 2019 summit is the place to be for all professionals and organisations working with managing data as a strategic asset in today’s digital economy and leaning towards Data- and AI-Driven Enterprise Future.
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Event Summit
octobre 02 eCommerce Summit & Expo
Summary: ECSE eCommerce Summit & Expo has become a world class event where the main players of e-commerce present themselves to share experiences, trends and generate business relationships that strengthen the industry in Mexico.
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Event Summit
novembre 03 MDM and Data Governance New York
Summary: The MDM & Data Governance Summit provides an opportunity for the data management community to engage with like-minded peers and learn from experts at the forefront of our industry.
Location: New York, NY, USA
Event Summit
novembre 05 Chief Data Officer Exchange Financial Services 2019
Summary: In its third year, the Chief Data Officer Exchange for Financial Services is an outstanding opportunity for you to learn lessons from the most successful financial institutions in the field. In just two days out of the office you’ll save months and potentially years of strategy heartache and turn your data function into a cost-saving business goldmine. You'll hear from financial leaders from across the UK and Europe divulging their winning strategies and the steps they have taken to address their data challenges.
Location: Middlesex, United Kingdom
Event Exchange
novembre 19 Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2019
Summary: Stibo Systems is proud to sponsor the Gartner Data & Analytics Conference. An event where digital leaders join to drive innovation through leading technologies and ultimately build a world-class data and analytics strategy.
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Event Conference
novembre 27 Dutch Data Forum
Summary: Data-driven work affects every organisation, fuelling the explosion of new innovations companies are developing to improve customer engagement and business outcomes. The potential is enormous, starting is difficult. And at the Dutch Data Forum, Stibo Systems will show you how to start and what to focus on when developing your own data strategy to ensure your business, and your customers, benefit.
Location: 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Event Congress
novembre 28 MDM Conference Melbourne
Summary: We are delighted to announce we are coming to Melbourne for our annual MDM conference in Australia this year on November 28th. Network with peers, hear customer success stories, and learn how enterprise master data management drives successful business outcomes and energises digital transformation.
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Event Conference
janvier 12 NRF 2020 Vision
Summary: Meet us at NRF 2020, where the retail industry unites to get a whole new perspective. Be part of a global retail community experiencing a marketplace filled with transformative tech and retail solutions and let’s discuss how we can address your master data challenges.
Location: New York, NY, USA
Event Trade Show
mars 02 CDO Network Benelux
Summary: Seeing the value of data is one thing, acting on it is another. To exploit the true value of your data and maximise your competitive advantage, data has to be brought in from the silos and processes across the enterprise need to be aligned. And at this CDO focused event, Stibo Systems will demonstrating how to achieve this.
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Event Network
mars 24 Chief Data Officer Exchange 2020
Summary: Meet us at the Chief Data Officer Exchange 2020 for innovative learning and networking opportunities that keep even the most senior business leaders engaged.
Location: Brentford, United Kingdom
Event Exchange
avril 23 The Industrial Data Summit
Summary: The Industrial Data Summit is the UK’s largest gathering of manufacturing data professionals – data-minded individuals from the UKs largest automotive, aerospace, defence, electronics, pharma, food and electronics manufacturers. Stibo Systems will be there to discuss how our experiences of delivering master data management solutions into manufacturing companies like Kelloggs, Fujitsu, Geberit, Sony, Siemens, Stahl and many others, are helping those data professionals achieve their goals.
Location: Nottingham, United Kingdom
Event Summit
mai 11 IRM Master Data Management Summit Europe
Summary: The IRM Master Data Management summit presents Chief Data Officers and Heads of Data with the opportunity to discover, and use, the latest data innovations that are fuelling business transformation and success. Stibo Systems will be there to discuss how, with the combined power of MDM and Data Governance, we can help you deliver positive business outcomes through trusted information.
Location: London, United Kingdom
Event Summit
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