RISK and Compliance


Streamline your data processes to boost any compliance initiative

Improving regulatory compliance is a critical undertaking—but it’s part of what Gartner categorizes as a “high-risk/low reward” organizational capability. As a result, it doesn’t often get the attention it deserves. But poor compliance can be extremely costly and potentially damaging to both your bottom line and reputation.

Stibo Systems' Master Data Management platform, STEP, helps you achieve compliance by controlling the processes by which information about your customers, products and more are managed and maintained to ensure that it is up-to-date, accurate and consistent across your business.

STEP also boosts the overall visibility and traceability of your data, streamlines your compliance processes and frees up additional resources to tackle business challenges by:

  • Supporting any compliance initiative, regardless of your industry
  • Reducing errors and boosting speed with business rules and automation
  • Utilizing process mapping configurable by business users without IT support
  • Escalating and routing time-critical reviews for approval
  • Ensuring traceability with role-based security and auditable change logs

Success Story


Read how The Kellogg Company uses STEP to manage EU 1169 compliance

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