From patients and providers to claims and lab results, healthcare organisations are inundated with data. The need for your team to understand the whole picture is crucial to patient safety and quality of care but also reduces costs, aids analytics, streamlines workflow and adheres to regulatory compliance.

However, integrating your data is challenging because it resides in many different departments and legacy systems with varying degrees of completeness and accuracy.

Stibo Systems’ MDM platform, STEP, provides a central location to transform your healthcare data into a clean and accurate standard designed and managed by your organisation.

With STEP, you can create the whole picture of your healthcare data from provider information to patient care teams, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the care experience that you deliver.




Data can come from many different sources within your organisation with varying formats, identifiers and outdated information. This causes inefficiencies in provider and patient information and can increase your operational costs. STEP solves these issues by allowing you to:

  • Cleanse and manage data for patients, providers, locations, assets, claims and other critical sources
  • Uncover relationships between data across sources through relationship detection algorithms
  • Promote the most accurate and up-to-date records


Multiple data sources and access points leave your team updating information manually in multiple places without a way to review the consolidated data which leaves room for error. You can use STEP to:

  • Combine clinical and administrative systems to create a single view of a patient, provider, or other data
  • Enrich records with third-party data and interfaces
  • Share data with Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), provider registries and self-service portals, health service catalogs and patient engagement programs


As a healthcare organisation, you are expected to provide the highest quality experience for your patients. Understanding your patients and enabling providers to uphold patient safety is crucial. By choosing STEP, you can:

  • Establish relationships between patients and providers, locations and encounters
  • Deliver insights to analytical systems for personalised interaction
  • Create targeted and meaningful communications regarding healthcare management


There are a number of regulatory compliance standards that must be considered when managing your data. With STEP you can ensure that you meet these standards through:

  • Data governance tools and workflows across all data sources
  • Business rules established by your organisation that flag inaccurate data
  • The ability to monitor and review all of your data in one place




We have a whole company dedicated to the management of healthcare data.

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