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Digitise and future-proof your business with a Digital Business Core™

By 2020, Gartner predicts that 80% of all businesses will list data as an asset on their balance sheets. Which is to say, regardless of your industry, you are now in the data business.

At the same time, consumer expectations of frictionless digital experiences are permeating every industry. But operationalizing all that information in order to drive experiences for your customers and value for your stakeholders is a challenge, even for the most sophisticated enterprises.

You need solutions that help manage the complexity of your data in a way that puts your business goals first and help break down the operational silos preventing you from digitizing your organization.

Our Master Data Management solution complements your existing systems and puts power into the hands of the managers and daily users responsible for delivering business value.

Stibo Systems MDM helps you create a Digital Business Core™ of trusted data, enabling you to confidently transform your business in order to achieve any digital objective.

  • Centralize data about your products, customers, suppliers, physical assets, locations, digital media and more
  • Break down internal data silos and barriers preventing collaboration
  • Drive additional value from your existing business systems
  • Future-proof your operation with a flexible, scalable and data-agnostic platform
  • Improve strategic agility with highly available data when, where and how you need it
The Kellogg Company

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Office Depot

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Learn how rituals cosmetics has leveraged step to digitally transform its business


By connecting data about its products, customers, employees, suppliers and more.

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