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Embrace Digital Transformation in Three Steps

This on-demand webinar shows you the steps towards becoming a digital enterprise

Customers’ and clients’ preferences change more rapidly than we could ever have imagined even a decade ago. But if your business can’t serve their needs, your rivals will surely step in.

Together, Forrester Research and Stibo Systems bring you 'Embrace Digital Transformation in Three Steps' – an insightful webinar that highlights the steps towards becoming a digital enterprise:

  • Avoid the stick: Understand the digital disruption threat
  • Grab the carrot: Add agility, know your customer
  • Never stop: Continuously transform

Forrester analyst and guest speaker Mark Grannan will draw on recent research and review recent examples to highlight the benefits of digital transformation as well as the problems businesses face.

Change is hard but it is also necessary. Can you afford to not transform into a digital business? This webinar is available for a limited time only - and it's free. Get access via the form on the right.

Speakers' Bios

Mark Grannan
Forrester Research

Mark serves Application Development & Delivery (AD&D) professionals and helps Forrester clients understand digital experience solutions in order to drive better engagement with their customers. His research focuses on responsive web design (RWD) planning, pitfalls and best practices, along with the broader evolution of digital experience delivery software and services offerings.

Christophe Marcant
VP Product Strategy
Stibo Systems

For 10 years as a retailer, Christophe has focused on how product information can be leveraged in ecommerce and omnichannel initiatives. Prior to joining Stibo Systems, he led SapientNitro's product information management (PIM) practice, where he advised clients worldwide as they considered new product information strategy.

He has helped companies such as Diesel, Kellogg's, Marks & Spencer, QVC, Saks Fifth Avenue and Target define solutions that addressed their pain points and anticipated their future needs. Prior to SapientNitro, Christophe worked at, where he was responsible for all PIM, marketplace and content management infrastructures.

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