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Aarhus, 15 June, 2015 - Stibo Systems, a leading supplier of Product Information Management (PIM) and Master Data Management business solutions, has teamed up with CNET Content Solutions, the leading technology product information provider, to offer their mutual clients even stronger product information solutions.

Enterprises are guaranteed ideal management of high-quality product information and, as a consequence, superior processes around the data that can be managed even faster than by using just one of the solutions alone.

Through its flagship product DataSource™, CNET Content Solutions delivers detailed product information such as images, marketing information, technical data (attributes/values), related products, compatibility information, categorization structure, etc. to its customers for complex and deep product category verticals such as IT, Consumer Electronics, Software, White Goods and Office Supplies. That information is then stored in a database at the retailer like the STEP platform, Stibo Systems’ PIM solution.

The new partnership between Stibo Systems and CNET Content Solutions makes it possible to export the product information directly from the CNET DataSource content repository into STEP, using Stibo Systems’ modeling best practices. In STEP, the data is effectively managed to secure outstanding “Golden Product Records” to be shared across the enterprise.

CNET Content Solutions’ Vice President of Products, Debbie Andrews states:

“We are pleased to be partnering with Stibo Systems, a leader in the PIM space, to combine both our companies’ technical and professional strengths. This partnership brings together two industry leaders to provide a comprehensive solution to our clients and the global market.” 

Equally, Stibo Systems’ technology customers won’t have to spend resources creating or localising data to put into STEP. They can export accurate data directly from CNET DataSource, benefitting them immediately: Setting up DataSource in STEP drastically reduces information process times from months to only days. For instance the STEP-DataSource Connector enables businesses to publish catalogs for direct ingestion.

Stibo Systems is very happy to be able to offer its technology customers the possibility to integrate CNET’s DataSource into STEP. Bjarne Hald, CTO in Stibo Systems says: “We see great opportunities for these integrations which will further strengthen businesses’ competitive advantages, improve their customer experiences and sales, as well as support effective workflows.”

About CNET Content Solutions’ DataSource™

Since 1999, thousands of retailers have turned to DataSource for the standardized product data to power their online websites and helps convert shoppers into buyers. With product coverage in 30 markets and 21 languages, DataSource is a world-class leader in standardized product data. Some of the top retailers in the world use DataSource every day to manage their online product catalogs.

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