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Customer Centricity


Organise your operational data to put your customers first

By 2020,'customer experience' will overtake product and price as your most important differentiator. Your customers are demanding personalised, consistent and relevant experiences regardless of how they interact with you.

This is likely all familiar to you. Various technology solutions have long promised a “360-degree customer view” that puts the customer first and helps you compete on experience, but for most, the results have fallen short.

The truth is, real customer centricity requires your customer data to be centralised, linked together and highly accessible across your organisation - not just clean and accurate. So how do you get there?

Stibo Systems Master Data Management solution enables you to build a complete view of your customers by synchronising all systems across your enterprise where customer data resides to create a “golden” customer profile. 

Stibo Systems' solution goes further than other data management solutions by making it easy to link customer records to other data domains - such as product and location information - to allow you to truly create experiences your customers will love.

Whether you wish to execute an omnichannel brand strategy, deliver personalised products at scale, or build highly targeted marketing campaigns, Stibo Systems MDM can:

  • Ensure information is consistent across all your channels and customer touchpoints
  • Drive customer retention and lifetime value
  • Boost average order size
  • Increase cross-sell and upsell opportunities
  • Support product and offer personalisation




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