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Drive digital transformation using high-quality data you
can trust.

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Establish a data foundation that helps eliminate inaccurate, duplicated, incomplete or unprotected data.

Implementing business-critical systems, along with enterprise technology strategies and policies, requires data you can trust. Creating a data-literate organization means focusing on what’s needed to tell accurate stories about your data and support digital transformation across business units.

Maintaining the integrity of all data – across multiple systems – while making it easily accessible is key. Data that’s inaccurate, incomplete, duplicated or unprotected will hinder your business initiatives, making it a challenge to drive better business outcomes across the organization.

A Digital Business Hub, enabled by Multidomain Master Data Management, connects siloed data and generates greater visibility across your data landscape, empowering your teams to work closer together while ensuring that only the right people can access the right information when and where they need it.

The end result is improved agility, faster time to market and a more unified customer experience.

VIDEO How Master Data Management can help leaders like you

Meet Julia, a data executive entrusted with extracting value from her company’s information. But her team is struggling even with getting a correct and complete overview of the organization’s data. Fortunately, Julia realizes there is a way to break data silos and support business initiatives. Watch the video to learn more.

Watch the video


Collect data once and use it everywhere with a Digital Business Hub.

Drive digital transformation by leveraging your data through an interconnected Digital Business Hub. Eliminate silos and integrate data across one or more systems and domains – including third-party resource and value chain partners – to create a consolidated version of the truth that drives transparency, innovation and growth. DBH enables you to combine your data with the power of Stibo Systems’ Multidomain MDM platform to unearth new insights and design better processes, so you can do more with your data.


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of businesses rely on incomplete or inaccurate customer data.
Demand Gen, 2018 Database Strategies & Contact Acquisition Survey Report
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Superior solutions that empower you to address critical challenges.

Improve data quality icon Improve data quality Create a central repository
of trusted data
Improved compliance Comply with regulations Reveal where data is used
and who has access to it
icon_84x84_link Safeguard relationship integrity

Understand complex data relationships using powerful data governance

Increased collaboration icon Increase collaboration Align each department across a common
set of business data
Digital transformation icon Enable digital transformation Unlock the strategic value of data
and spur growth
icon_84x84_business-case Optimize business outcomes

Connect and enrich data to drive better
business decisions

Digital transformation requires cross-functional leadership

The data economy demands cross-functional leadership. Why CIOs, CDOs and CMOs must collaborate to drive innovation and growth.

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LET’S START CREATING A MORE TRANSPARENT WORLD Empower data transparency through MDM At Stibo Systems, our mission is to create the world’s most versatile master data management solutions, built to enable businesses to optimize their business, environmental and social performance. Connect with us today to start your journey to creating better business and a better world.
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