Data Governance

Clear ownership of data leads to accuracy and accountability

In most organizations there are few clear-cut roles, business processes and responsibilities for protecting or enhancing critical data assets as it moves across enterprise from design to engineering, procurement, distribution, marketing, e-commerce, and all the way to service and support.

STEP’s built-in proactive data governance functionality enables you to enhance the quality, availability, security and integrity of your data. This is accomplished through improved collaboration based on structured data policies, in turn leading to greater visibility and accountability.

Even though data governance is not a technical discipline, companies need tools to monitor data quality and ensure compliance to corporate standards. Our STEP platform provides the robust tool sets needed to support such an overarching data governance program.

Key Benefits 

Improve data quality enterprise-wide, through business rules that establish a clear approval process for data entering your information ecosystem

Centralize the location of master data to eliminate multiple versions of the same data existing within different data silos.

Align organizational data with operational data to ensure that standards are maintained and that compliance regulations are upheld.

Data Goverance Success with Master Data Management

Protect the Integrity of Your Valuable Information Assets

A successful data governance strategy combines implementing data quality measures, data management and governance policies. Learn best practices for establishing a successful data governance strategy in the Data Governance White Paper.


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