Data Governance

Companies today have deployed multiple systems that continually aggregate, consolidate, store and maintain a tremendous amount of operational information.

Yet in most organizations there are few clear-cut roles, business processes and responsibilities for protecting or enhancing that information as it moves across enterprise from design to engineering, procurement, distribution, marketing, e-commerce, and all the way to service and support.

As a result, information often becomes replicated and fragmented. This leads to duplicate, conflicting, incomplete and erroneous information that hinders business responsiveness and decision-making.

Maintaining the Integrity of Your Operational Information

At Stibo Systems, we help companies drive operational success by enabling them to manage their business information proactively. We use a full-cycle approach that integrates master data management with sound data governance processes. This creates a positive ripple effect on all downstream systems that rely on complete, usable and high-quality product, customer and supplier information.

Even though data governance is not a technical discipline, companies need tools to monitor data quality and ensure compliance to corporate standards. Our STEP platform provides the robust tool sets needed to support such an overarching data governance program.