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Manage Your Master Data Through an Integrated Process

To succeed in today’s hyper-competitive business environment, companies must operate as one seamless entity. Executive teams must have a unified view of operational intelligence across all business units.

Unfortunately, operational information is siloed in most companies. It resides and evolves independently in multiple applications, point of sale solutions and spreadsheets where it cannot flow efficiently. And to make matters worse, an alarming amount of operational information is also inaccurate or incomplete — yet it is still used to make critical business decisions.

Stibo Systems’ solutions enable you to proactively manage operational information as it flows through the business. We do this by taking a full-cycle approach to integrating all operating and multichannel unit divisions, linking vendors, product and employee information together into one management platform.

This helps executives receive accurate information as it happens. And it arms them with the information they need to impact revenue, lower operational costs, reduce risk and enhance agility.

Our Multidomain MDM solutions include:

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